11 Things You Only Find In Luxury Homes

The phrase Luxurious Living brings to mind designer clothes, supercars, and of course multimillion-dollar homes fitted to the brim with modernization. People who purchase these premade homes or have them built from the ground up often never cut corners. They try to possess the best of the best and personalize their homes as much as they can. Many of these homes usually have entire rooms dedicated to entertainment purposes and scream excessive to you.

While every millionaire tries to personalize their humble abode to their liking. There are a few similarities that they are bound to share with others who also reside in this luxury. The following are just a few of the possessions that are usually found in these homes.

Swimming Pools

One of the most common things in most mansions is an indoor or outdoor swimming pool. These pools can either be fitted outside on the terrace where the sun shines naturally or maybe below in the basement with blooming high-intensity indoor lights. Whether it’s a small pool or a large one doesn’t matter, what matters is that it is found in almost every single luxury home out there.

Slides Instead Of Stairs

Mostly belonging to families that live in mansions, slides act as a fun way for kids to go downstairs. While most won’t spend a hefty amount on entertainment for the kids like this, millionaires will install multiple slides across their home if it means their kids will be entertained. Imagine being a kid and having a slide in your room that leads right outside to the swimming pool.


While many people may have a study or two in their homes, rich people choose to house an entire library in their homes. These could hold thousands of books of every genre but many of these won’t even be read. A library also acts as a nice holding space for prime antique books of the past to impress.

Tennis Court

Sports fanatics are known to have their tennis court right outside their homes alongside a tennis ball machine and a trainer. These can be used to engage with the guests or as a part of their morning workout routine. Either way, it can’t be denied that tennis courts are much frequently found in expensive homes.

Indoor Golf Court

Similar to tennis courts, some prefer indoor golf courts that are in between rooms. Imagine changing rooms and hitting a golf ball on the way to the other room. Not only is it a fun way to pass the time but also fills the empty space of astroturf in the house. Needless to say, sports are incorporated uniquely in super-rich homes.

Personal Gym

Many of us pay for a gym subscription but end up never going there. Specifically, to avoid this regret, the super-rich invest in their very own indoor gym. An entire room dedicated to working out sounds like a dream for gym fanatics and a reality for millionaires.


If slides for the kids weren’t enough, you may encounter an elevator or two inside the house to make transportation easier. Even if it’s just a two-story house, the wealthy love to install elevators in their homes because it serves as a statement to everyone. Some even install an elevator in their room straight downstairs.

Smart Technology

From changing the lights to opening the garage doors, smart technology makes its presence known in houses like these. Turning the lights on is as easy as flicking a switch but on your phone and not an actual switch. Portable speakers are turned on by speaking to them and even your lights can be scheduled to turn on at a specific time. This kind of automation gives accessibility and ease of use a new meaning.

Massive Wardrobe

Luxury shouts designer clothes and those flush with cash house a massive storage space that is often as large as an entire room at times. In this wardrobe, you’ll find a plethora of clothes to choose from and can have a new outfit for every single day.

Wine Cellar

The signature room of every luxury home is a wine cellar that is most notably located under the kitchen. These carry hundreds of wine bottles that may even be hundreds of years old. No one can deny that the attractiveness of these bottles is unmatched, much like the wholesale glass wine bottles from Roetell. The wealthy keep the oldest wines for special occasions or maybe just to add to their age.


What’s a luxury home without its very own cinema room to watch the next blockbuster in. Rushing to the cinema to get the best possible seats is a necessity for us sometimes but for the super-rich, this is an everyday thing. Cinemas that can house more than 50 people can be seen in most of these homes.


Expensive plants and furniture that cost more than most cars are used as aesthetic pieces to portray the house in a specific vibe. Neon signs with famous sayings and quotes add to the house’s attractiveness. It’s not uncommon to decorate our house however it is uncommon to spend as much as the house on decorations and that is where luxury comes in.


These are but a few of the attributes that luxury homes or a mansion can entail. We are sure there are more bizarre and unique possessions out there that will definitely wow us however for now these will do. Just the difference in lifestyle is enough to amaze us and with new and coming millionaires on the way, we are excited to see how they change the game.