How to write a resume for your first job after college

Right after the completion of your degree program, you might like to get a resume prepared so that more and more job opportunities could be availed. It does not matter whether you want a recent graduate resume or are looking for a resume that could showcase your experience, you need to keep in mind a few things to ensure that the resume looks professional, up to the mark and flawless.

Why do students remain worried?

Various students and recent graduates can be found worrying about their resumes. Some of them want to create the one themselves but the problem is that they do not know how to come up with a good resume. Some of them do not know how anything about what a resume actually is which is why they turn to a cheap essays writing service to get their work done. In either way, you cannot get quality work until or unless you bear in mind a couple of things. Let’s check out how you can write the resume yourself and can leave a good impression on the hiring manager.

1. Highlight Education

In order to create a professional and impressive new graduate resume, you should not forget to highlight your education. As a student, you might have an idea that education needs to be highlighted so that the hiring manager can get to know what type of degree you have obtained, what types of subjects you have studied and how many projects you might have completed.

Another important point you need to keep in mind is that the education section should not contain any information about your experience or another thing. It has been commonly observed that students talk a lot about their skills in this section, which is totally wrong. If you want to ensure your success, then the post grad resume should not contain anything else in the education section but the information about your certification, degree, or diploma.

2. Emphasize Related Experience

When it comes to creating or making a post college resume, you have to ensure that you highlight your experience so that the hiring manager can see whether you are an inexperienced person or an experienced one. Maybe, they will offer you a good salary package based on your experience. So, it is very important to mention in your CV or resume that you have worked in the relevant field for a specific period of time.

If possible, you can mention the date when you started the previous job and the date when that job was ended along with writing a line or two on why did you left that job and how was your overall experience at the previous company.

3. Mention Your Achievements

Right below the section of your experience, you need to mention your achievements. If you are confused in this regard, then a lot of essays can be ordered at  platforms like It is really very important for every student to talk about the responsibilities they have had taken in the past.

If you do not mention these things, then it may never be possible for you to leave a good impression on the hiring manager. On the other hand, if achievements are discussed, then it will be easy for the hiring manager to determine whether you are the right person for the said position or not.

In simple words, we can say that you should list your achievements to prove that you will contribute to the success of the organization and can add value to it to an extent. If you want to buy college research paper from professional essay writer, then there is no need to do so as you can create the paper or resume yourself by checking some examples and following the given guidelines or patterns.

4. Showcase Your Skills

We have seen many students who do not talk about their skills in the resume. If you are doing the same mistake, then you will never be able to get the desired results. So, the best idea is to check some of the recent college grad resumes and ensure that your skills have been showcased in your own resume.

Showcase Your Skills
The purpose of checking those resumes is that you will have an idea of where to showcase the skills or where to mention them on your CV. In this way, it will be easy for you to take things further and to come up with good quality and professional-looking CV or resume.

Where do I mention my skills? Well, you can mention them right before the experience section. Another idea is to talk about them on a different page, but you do not need to discuss a lot of details as you will not be able to leave a good impression on the hiring manager.

5. Use Keywords

Have you ever tried to use different types of keywords in the resume or CV? If the answer is No, then this the right time to do so! Without using appropriate keywords, it will not be possible for you to come up with a good quality resume. In most situations, keywords are used in online resumes or CVs. For example, if you want to create a digital resume or LinkedIn CV, then you might like to add keywords that could attract potential employers and hiring managers in no time.

Another idea is to mention some of the best and most famous keywords in your non-digital resume. This is because the hiring manager will get to know whether you are a proficient and eligible person for a particular position or not.

6. Leave the Things That Are Not Relevant

If you are confused about what to leave behind, then we suggest you check some resume examples college graduate to have a clear idea of that. The key to success is that your resume should not consist of unnecessary or useless things. Instead, you should only include what is relevant and most appropriate for you.

An idea of this can be taken from the fact that your resume should contain your education information, your experience and skills, and of course, your contact details so that the hiring manager can get in touch in case they are serious about hiring you.

In the end, we’d like to say that students may find it tough to keep all these points in mind, but once you learn the importance of quality, you will surely try to remember all these points. The fact is that the competition in the industry is very high and you can ensure your survival only when you have a good job. To have a good job, you obviously need to create a professional resume or CV.