How to Plan an Ideal Family Barbecue Party

When the weather is amazing and you don’t want to slave over a hot stove indoors, a barbecue party comes to the rescue. And even if you can’t invite all your friends, spending this time with your family can be amazing and valuable. Especially now, since it’s better to spend time in your family “bubble” – and if you’re inviting a few people over, having the party outside is the best option. So let’s get grilling!

Don’t forget that this too shall pass – we mean the social distancing and keeping your guests to a minimum. But meanwhile, who said that a barbecue party can’t mean only two people having a great time together? Having a small, intimate party is a great way to become mindful of your immediate relationships – and concentrate on the love, the sunny weather (even if it’s getting a bit chilly), and of course the fun and delicious barbecue sides and treats! Check out, as adding male strippers to your party is a great option as well. Read on for more great party ideas.

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1. Find A Good Grill

The grill is an essential part of any barbecue party. However, it’s never easy to choose the right one. The good thing about grills and bbqs is that you can remote shop for them all you want – comparing and contrasting. Maybe you haven’t decided if you’re a gas person or a charcoal person? Don’t succumb to peer pressure – although there are charcoal only bbq die-hards out there, gas is perfectly okay too.

Of course, a charcoal grill requires a certain amount of ritual, drama, and know-how – it’s also a great conversation starter about scouting days, camping adventures and bbq parties of yore.

If you want to concentrate on other things, getting a gas grill is a perfectly great option. Some things that you should pay attention to are the size – if you want to use the scientific method, calculate the average of people that were over for a BBQ last year – this should tell you if you should go for a smaller Webber or a huge grill monster.

Remember that if you get a gas grill, you can still get that smokey taste – there are a lot of gas grill inserts that produce smoke, and they use seasoned hardwood chips along with aromatic herbs like juniper.

It’s also an excellent solution to get a modern infrared gas option, as the food will have a better taste and texture, and won’t burn. When choosing a grill, always decide what features you do and don’t need. And always look for the reviews – they’ll help you ensure the model you want to buy suits you – like this infrared tec grill review, for example.

2. Make Sure Everything’s Ready

Even if you’re preparing a party only for your family, make sure everything’s ready before starting – otherwise, you’ll end up running around preparing and not having time to talk to people and relax. Also, this way, you won’t get distracted – fewer chances for burning something.

Prep the food you are going to grill and ensure all the side dishes are assembled and cooked as needed. If you have snacks, set them out on display, so you won’t have to go to the house and back. Check if you have enough gas or charcoal – or you may be left with half-cooked burgers waiting for you to return with propane or another bag of briquettes.

Most people get a large side table with all the forks, snacks and fixings. To add hype to your event, you may also call

3. Decorate

Making fun decorations adds to the atmosphere, whether you’re having an easy breezy summer grill, or an outdoor winter challenge. It’s worth doing even if it’s just you and your partner, and can make even the most informal outdoor get-togethers so much more special.

Put up some decorative lights or mini torches – it will create a cozy feeling when it gets dark. If there’s kids around, ask them to help you make some DIY decorations – this way you’ll have help, and they’ll have fun. Check out these Pinterest boards for kid DYI inspiration!

Put some flowers on the table and play with place settings – you can even make menu cards if you feel really fancy. You can use linen chair covers and tablecloths to establish the perfect table settings.

4. Set Up Some Games

Deep conversations are not for everyone, especially if you talk to each other on a daily basis. Add some fun – get up from the table and play. You can bring yard games if you want to move: cornhole with some quality ACL cornhole bags, horseshoes, twister – whatever you like. And if you have children, they won’t get bored while the adults are talking politics and other “boring stuff”. Or maybe the adults should stay out of talking politics for the sake of having fun, and play some games too! .

If you want something less active, get some board games out. It’s a great way to socialize and forget about the scary and tiresome reality – or modify it the way you like. Why not play “Pandemic” during a pandemic? Or colonize Mars? Or, if you don’t have much space and want to engage your mind – imagine you’re all Mafia?

5. Remember About Safety

Of course, it’s never fun if someone or something gets on fire. Always remember about safety, even if you’re sure everything’s going as planned.

Keep your grill at least 10 feet away from the house, never leave it unattended, check for gas leaks, don’t turn on the gas while your grill lid is closed, and don’t overload the grill with food to avoid flare-ups. Make sure you have a water hose and a fire extinguisher near you – just in case. And remember: never, never use the grill indoors.

Have Fun!

Grill parties can be stressful – even if only your closest family is invited – but they don’t have to be. Make sure you know what to do, get a right grill, prepare, create a cozy atmosphere and remember about safety. Don’t get stressed – you’re not doing it for the President or Queen, but to spend time with your family and diversify your daily routine. So enjoy the party, have fun and don’t let anything, including the pandemic, bring you down.