5 Potential Consequences of Drinking and the Party Lifestyle

Alcohol is legal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone should indulge. Think about how many people get themselves in trouble with alcohol. Those with alcoholics in their family tree must be particularly careful because of genetic proclivities.

Most people who drink don’t think they have a problem with it. They might feel like they live a party lifestyle, and excessive alcohol consumption is just a part of that.

There are some ways to tell when you’re crossing lines with your drinking, though. Let’s look at some telltale signs for which you should be on the lookout.

You Can Get a DUI

Getting charged with a DUI isn’t a joke, and you should treat it as a serious wakeup call. Maybe you got a DUI when you:

  • Swerved out of your lane
  • Got a breathalyzer at a police checkpoint
  • Hit another car or person

If the police pulled you over for something like swerving or speeding, and you didn’t harm anyone, that’s lucky. You can easily kill someone when you get behind the wheel after a night at the bar.

Even if you feel like your party lifestyle isn’t an issue, a DUI says otherwise. You need to get control of your behavior before you injure yourself or someone else.

Your Spouse or Partner Might Leave You

You might prize the party lifestyle above all else, and if so, then it makes sense that your relationship would suffer. If you’re married or have a significant other, then it might upset them if:

  • You drank when you promised them you wouldn’t
  • You’re more interested in going to the bar than in spending time with them
  • You drink and say something hurtful to them

People married to alcoholics or who are in relationships with them often talk about how the individual is like two different people in one. They might be kind and considerate when they’re not drinking. They may be a loving partner and parent.

When this person drinks, they change, and not for the better. If your spouse or partner feels this way about you, and you refuse to change, then they probably won’t stay by your side forever.

Eventually, your conduct will infuriate them enough, and they’ll leave.

It Can Ruin Your Relationship with Your Kids

If you have kids, and you drink and party too much, it can ruin your relationship with them. Children need stable parents. They don’t want a mother or father who is one way when they’re sober, but they’re someone completely different when they drink.

If you drink too much, you could forget to pick up your kids after school, soccer practice, or day camp. If you’re drunk when you pick them up, you endanger yourself and them, not to mention whoever else is on the road.

You’re also setting a poor example for your children if you do this. They’ll learn that problem drinking is normal, and they might do it when they get to be your age. Keep in mind that alcoholism perpetuates itself in families, and you want to be a good role model for your children’s sake, if not for yourself.

It Can Adversely Affect Your Career

You might also get in trouble at work if you drink too much. If you show up for work drunk or hungover, your boss and coworkers will likely notice it. Your employer might call you into the office and tell you to get your act together or fire you.

They’re also not as likely to promote you if they know that you’re a problem drinker. Your career can stall. You probably do not want to be stuck doing the same thing at forty as you were doing at twenty.

It Can Adversely Affect Your Health

One more thing that the party lifestyle can do to you is ruin your health. When you’re young, you might think that you’re invincible, but too much drinking can quickly get the best of you.

Think about prominent actors or rock stars like Jim Morrison, who didn’t even make it to thirty because of alcohol and their reckless lifestyle.

When you first turn twenty-one, you might want to go to the bars every night. It’s the thrill of being a young adult and having your whole life ahead of you.

By the time you get out of your twenties, it’s time to prioritize other things. Compartmentalize your partying. You don’t have to stop it entirely, but you should make every effort to cut back.