How to Maintain Your Gaming Computer

For gamers, their PC or personal computer, which could come in the form of a laptop or a desktop computer, is one of the most important items in their room or home office. Because of the importance of the PC in their lifestyle, most of them would probably take care of their computer more than any other item in their possession. However, for gaming beginners that have only started owning a personal computer, they may find the maintenance of the machine to be pretty confusing, as they don’t know what to take care of or what to clean. If you are one of those newbies, don’t worry, as we are here to provide you several tips on how to correctly take care of your PC. So, let’s get started with the first tip on maintaining your gaming computer.

Clean Your Keyboard Regularly

The simplest and probably the most obvious thing you need to do to maintain your gaming PC is to clean your keyboard regularly. The keyboard is one of the two most touched computer peripherals, with the other being the mouse, so it is no surprise that keyboards would tend to be dirtier than any other accessories and parts for your PC. If a keyboard is dirty, there is a chance that the keys would get sticky, and the insides would get filled with so much dirt that it wouldn’t produce an input on the PC anymore. So, it is important to clean the keyboard regularly to enhance its durability and lifespan. Clean your keyboard with a brush at least once a day, but if you don’t want to clean regularly, you should buy a silicone keyboard protector that will prevent dirt from getting inside each key.

Keep Your Cables Organized

One mistake that most beginners make when setting up their gaming PC is that they just plug in, insert, or put cables anywhere on the table without even organizing them. Those unorganized cables can cause problems, as they don’t only look messy, but they may also be hazardous or dangerous for the person using the PC, as a faulty cable may trip them or may even electrocute them. So, the best way to prevent these hazards is to actually organize your cables. Keep the cable behind the PC so you won’t trip over them, and buy some cable organizers and start organizing your cable so that they would look neat and not messy on your table. If you own the Best Gaming Laptop Under 1500 USD or any other laptops, organizing cables might not really be a problem for you, but remember to clean the ports and outlets of your laptop if ever you are going to use them to connect cables, flash drives, or gaming accessories.

Brush Off Dirt on Plugs and Outlets

Plugs, outlets, and holes that are present on your PC are prone to getting dirty, and these openings would often bring dirt, dust, and other harmful elements to the interior parts of your computer. In addition, dirty outlets can usually make your peripherals like monitors or keyboards unusable since the ports where they are connected can get so dirty that they may not provide a sturdy connection for your accessories. To prevent the interior of your PC from getting dirty, you would need to clean the plugs and outlets of it regularly, but make sure that the computer is not connected to an electrical outlet to avoid electrocution. Be careful in cleaning these outlets and just use a soft brush so that you won’t damage their fragile parts.

Perform Hard Disk Maintenance Frequently

Besides maintaining your PC’s hardware, you should also maintain its software by performing hard disk maintenance every once in a while. You can do a quick disk cleanup at least once a week so that unnecessary data or files will be deleted and your computer will maintain optimal speed and performance. Furthermore, you should also back up your files on a separate hard disk so that your important photos, videos, and files would be safe if ever the computer malfunctions. If you don’t have a separate hard disk, you can also transfer your backup files to a cloud platform like Google Drive. Always remember to perform hard disk maintenance on your computer so that it won’t experience slowdowns or lags.

Keep Your PC Cool

If you are going to use your personal computer for playing HD games that you’ve downloaded on, then you would need to keep your PC cool since the games can often push some parts of your computer too much that they may start overheating. Getting rid of dirt on holes on your CPU can help in keeping your PC cool, but it would be best if you can buy a good cooling fan that will keep the parts inside the CPU at a stable temperature while you are gaming. Invest in getting a great radiator and cooler for your PC if you are going to use it for playing the latest games with HD graphics and intricate gameplay. Also, place your PC in an area of your room that is cool and away from heat sources like exterior walls and windows.

Those are the basic things that you would need to do in order to maintain your gaming computer and retain its speed and performance. Following these tips is relatively easy, as you won’t need to perform any complicated tasks or processes to do them efficiently. Keep these tips in mind daily so that you will always remember to do them regularly.