A Guide to Vulnerable person risk assessment covid 19 Protocol for Workplaces and Sites

The year 2020 made us experience life in completely unexpected and unprecedented ways. Aside from the immense loss to human life that drove us indoors in fear, the economy and several businesses were also seen as notable casualties. As things began to gradually get manageable, and scientists were beginning to study and understand the virus causing all this havoc, work resumed and employees had to leave the safety of their home and re-commenced their usual routines.

Now that a considerable percentage of the workforce are resuming their duties at their offices, it is important to ensure the well-being and safety of this workforce. This calls for a methodical plan which will include risk assessment, review, and subsequent management of the problem. Employees need to conduct a fit-to-work assessment before asking employees to attend a work site. Healgen Lateral Flow Test Kit is an important tool to check the antigens in the body and aid in the diagnosis of Covid.

The safeguarding of employees is of utmost importance keeping in mind vulnerable person risk assessment covid 19 guidelines, and below are some elements of a soundproof plan to ensure just that.

Locate and Identify Vulnerable Persons through Indicators

Scientists have found out that a certain demographic is at a higher risk of contracting the Covid 19 virus compared to others. They have identified the following members of a workplace to be at a higher risk :

  • Individuals with a high BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Older males
  • Individuals suffering from debilitating health conditions such as diabetes

If you are an employer that employs any individuals that have been described above (or have recently been added to the official list), you need to keep a close eye on their health. A pre-emptive plan should be in place to safeguard them. Employers should ensure access to all necessary protections for any employee, especially those at high risk, in the workplace at all times.

You can take the assistance of several health services across the country. If you are looking for workplace health assessment services in Brisbane, look no further than Resile for professional and expert help. Resile employs a state of the art online risk assessment application that can help identify at-risk workers using an evidence-based algorithm. Following this, a list is generated categorizing the works according to their physical and psychosocial risk levels, and separate instructions on how to protect each risk category in the most effective way.

Locate and Identify Vulnerable Persons through Indicators

Keeping an eye for Symptoms, Medical Testing and Health Management

In the risk assessment process, especially during such an unpredictable pandemic, it is important to be doubly sure of everything related to health. To put this to use in practice, after identifying the individuals within the workforce that are at the highest risk, it’s important to have a course of action to not only safeguard them from the vulnerabilities but also strengthen and empower them so they reduce their chance of contracting the disease. This can be achieved by giving them access to protective measures such as face shields, sanitisers, hand washing stations, disposable masks, and disposable gloves.

In case an employee or co-worker does in fact show symptoms, there is no cause for panic. Ensure that medical officials are notified in time, and all other items from the checklist of occupational health covid 19 risk assessment are done with due diligence. Brisbane medical solutions provider Resile can provide companies with an excellent coverage plan to provide medical assistance to employees in need. Their three-step, comprehensive medical plan for vulnerable person risk assessment for covid 19 involves several curated nuances such as a tailored health plan depending on which group of vulnerability an individual worker has been assigned to. You can visit our blog to learn more.