How to Get Shiny Hair?

Without a doubt, having long, shiny hair a la pop star is what almost all of us want, but we don’t always get it. And it is that the products that we use daily for our hair, as well as the irons, dryers, tweezers and others, along with the pollution of the city, the changes of season, etc. they make the natural shine of our hair fade.

But do not be discouraged, that getting that spectacular shine is not as difficult as you think, and also you will not have to leave your wallet in the attempt. Simply by following some guidelines and tips that we list below and with a little patience, you will achieve a spectacular change, which will make you envious.

1. Conditioners or Masks

Adding the application of a conditioner or mask to your hair washing routine will already give you an extra bit of softness and shine, which you will surely notice in just a few washes, since shampoos generally make your hair dry at the same time that cleans it. It is something similar to when you wash your hands in winter, that if you do not make a little cream afterwards, you notice dry and tight skin. By applying a conditioner or mask, you will be able to counteract this dryness caused by the shampoo, which at the same time is the cause of its loss of shine.

2. Shampoos

Be very careful with the shampoos you use. It seems obvious, but many people do not really pay attention to what type of shampoo they are using to wash their hair, which causes great damage to both the hair and the scalp. Do not use very aggressive shampoos and do not do it too frequently, it is something to take into account, since shampoos, generally, have the mission of removing the natural oils from the scalp. Which is great for keeping it clean, as long as we don’t overdo it, and get precisely the dry effect. Therefore we repeat everything in moderation, please!

3. Take Cold Showers

Maybe you’ve already heard it somewhere. And yes, it is totally true, hot water is bad for the hair and makes it lose its shine. We know that now in winter it costs a little to put your head under cold water, but with warm water it is also worth not to lose the shine in our hair. And if you are of hot blood and you dare, go ahead with the cold water! In a short time you will see how not only your hair has much more shine, but it will be much stronger, since cold water stimulates the hair follicle. A little bit of cold makes up for it, right?

4. Hydration

Not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Dehydration of the body also affects your hair, so make sure you drink plenty of water every day, as well as consume vegetables and natural juices to keep your body as hydrated as possible. One more point to maintain healthy and shiny looking hair in the long term.

5. Home remedies / Suggestions

In addition to all the previous tips, there are a lot of things you can do yourself to have a shiny and well-groomed mane, such as:

  • Use oil twice a week, such as coconut or olive oil as a mask. It’s as easy as heating a small amount and gently massaging your head with it. If you also then take a good bath, adding a few drops of oil to the water, or with the same that comes off your hair, you will notice the results in just a few weeks, and not only on the hair but also on the entire skin of the Body. What more could you want?
  • You can also put a little mayonnaise as a mask on your hair. Cover it with a shower cap and wrap a towel over it. Leave it on for a couple of hours before gently washing it off with shampoo. It sounds like you are making Russian salad, but the result is fantastic!
  • Finally, you can prepare a mask with eggs, honey, aloe Vera and yogurt. Great allies to achieve a spectacular shine in the hair. Take a small amount and spread it well all over your hair. Leave it on for a couple of hours before washing it off and voila! With a couple of times a week, in less than a month you will notice that your hair is incredible.