How To Costomise Your Scooter?

If you are a scooter lover, customizing it will be one of the best feelings that you will want to feel. According to different choices and perspectives, the customization may take different manners. Depending on your budget and desire, the customization may take a few different attempts. 

Scooter customization can always make you feel delighted with your own creation. Often our budget doesn’t catch up with the design and our preferences. So, today, we have gathered everything that you need to know about your scooter customization. So if you are thinking about How to costomise your scooter, we have got your back right here!

How to costomise your scooter?

Moving to the main context now. But before you start, you need to set-up your mind on a few things. Like if you want to customize the whole scooter or a few parts. Afterward, you have to proceed accordingly. 

Our today’s explanation will cover the whole scooter. You can pick aunty certain parts with the exact same procedure to custom any specific parts. Here are things that you will need to customize your scooter: 

  • Decks- these are the base of the scooter. Mainly people like to customize the deck of their scooter. 
  • Bars- aligns as the steering component. These come in different sizes and shapes. Also, you will get these in different styles. 
  • Headsets- helps the deck and bars to spin in a combination. 
  • Forks- holds the front wheel and keeps it in place
  • Clamps- connects and secures the handlebar to the forks 
  • Wheels- of-course, makes the scooter run! 
  • Grips- ensures the riders comfort with a comfortable and soft grip
  • Grip Tape- helps in the grips 
  • Brake- stops the vehicle whenever needed

Now let’s start the customization! 

You have to choose the components according to your personal choice. That means if you want to customize the color or style, you have to pick these components and parts according to your choice. In fact, these parts will be the base so it’s obvious that you need to pick these as your own taste. 

Especially, as the deck is the main part of a scooter, you need to put your main focus on customizing that. In that case, you can customize the shape, color, and material as your choice. If you have any specific brand in mind, you can get the deck from that brand as well. 

Moving to the bars there are different styles as we mentioned above. First of all, people usually find two types of bar materials: steel or aluminum bar. If you want it to be strong then go for the steel bar. But if you want your scooter to be light, then the aluminum bar will be perfect for you. Afterward, you have to pick the required diameter, width, and height as your choice. 

Then comes the headsets. It is a minor setup but very important. It helps in the combination and rotation of the deck and bars. So you need to pick a strong and lightweight one. Afterward, you have to pick the forks that go through the decks to hold the front wheels. You can customize the offsets, colors, and designs of forks. 

Now it’s time to pick the clamps that hold the handlebar and fork together. Again, make sure to use a strong built one to make it durable. There are three types of compression that you will find. You have to pick in between SCS, HIC, and ICS to secure the clamp properly. 

Here comes the main i9nteresting part that most riders are interested in. people who even want the slightest customization, want the customization in the wheels. So you will get a lot of colors, styles, and options in this regard. Look forward to the bearing quality and urethane, designs to make the best use of your pick.

About the grip, you have to pick your color and material, that’s it! 


Wrapping up

Our suggestion on How to customize your scooter is over now. Hopefully, you have received a detailed overview of what to do. So now gather your tools and start the customization as your heart’s will! 

If you have any specific brand in mind, you can go to the website and customize it online. The procedure is easy and gives you a visual result that is more convenient. Otherwise, you can gather everything mentioned and do it yourself. Good luck!