How to Be Tech-Savvy Mom for Kid’s Online Safety?

People have heard about the working mom, but they never heard about the tech-savvy mom. Youth do not believe in the consequences of excessive internet  usage, but their parents do. Many women claimed that they notice a sudden change in their kid’s behavior or stress signs. Such stress can be caused by the blackmailing, bullying, interaction with Violent content, etc. 

How to Set iPhone Built-in Features? – Instructions to Set Rules 

iPhone is the best operating system these days for its security perspective. 

Here, we will share how to set the rules on the iPhone. 

1 – Open Settings 

2 – Choose Child’s Name Under Family

3 – Tap on Screen Time

Further Options

4 – Set the Downtime > Enable to Set A Schedule for Time Away

5 – Open Apps Limits > Add Limit > Select the App Category OR any Other Option

6 – Tap on Communications Limits > Set Allowed During Screen Time or Downtime.

7 – Always Allowed > Choose Secure Apps for Your Child 

8 – Click on Content & Privacy Instructions > Enable > Select Privacy Terms 

Yes, this is an easy way to set the rules for your child. Parents often set the rules at home, but how to make sure that they are following such rules?

Monitoring their phone, we will be able to check what they are doing and how they behave online. Every mom should learn that what iPhone built-in features can help them to avoid cyber threats. Additionally, you always can use the parental control app to monitor your child`s phone, detect and alert inappropriate activities, and locate your child in real-time. Click here to find out what futures the best parental control app should have. 

Built-in Parental Control Feature on Android Phone

Android phones are on the top of the list with billions of active users because of its user-friendly layout. It is very manageable to set parental control on the android phone supporting by Google Store. 

1 – Open Google Play Store

2 – Tap on Settings

3 – Enable Parental Control

4 – Create a PIN code

5 – Add Content Filters

6 – Restrict Access

That’s it. 

Default features are a good fit for the parents to set the restrictions. But our youth knows how to change the settings more than adults. So, we should look for a better solution for android phones, especially (android is more vulnerable to hackers).

What’s the better Solution to Set the screen time and limits?

The answer is spyware for android phone. 

Such third-party spy tools help to monitor the target device secretly. A tech-savvy mom should learn to manage the activities of the child remotely as it will not cause trust-issues. 

How Android Spy App Works?

Advanced Third-party apps do not require a rooting process to target the android phone but only installation. Yes, installing the app in the target device allows monitoring to the end-user. Make sure that the target phone must have a stable internet connection, or the app will not work efficiently. After installation, the end-user gets a license key or credentials to log in to the web-based control panel. A control panel will display all the features along with stored data. Some spying tools also give real-time tracking options. 

Here, it needs only one click to open text-messages, phone call recordings, live-location, WhatsApp & Facebook monitoring, surround recordings, Geo-fencing, Manage apps, block access to websites, etc. 

What Dangers Urge a Mother to be Tech-Savvy in This Modern Times?

1 – Hackers

2 – Online Molestation

3 – Sexting

4 – Cyberbullying

5 – Interaction with Inappropriate Content

6 – Offensive Data 

7 – Suicidal Games

8 – Video Challenges 

9 – Internet Addiction

10 – Identity Theft

11 – Social Media Consequences 

And Many More!

Wrapping Up

We are living in a digital era where everything has become possible, from tracking phone calls to live-location. But the main requirement is to learn how to deal with technology and be smart enough to fight against cyber threats. Such increasing internet dangers have maximized the stress & anxiety among teens. Parents should teach them online etiquettes and set the rules to prevent them from falling into any trap. 

We have discussed iPhone and Android built-in parental control features plus the third-party best spy apps that work more efficiently and give remote access. Android spy can help to create a secure digital space and enables the mothers to keep an eye on what their kids do online without their knowledge. But make sure that you choose a lightweight & undetectable android spy app, like TheWiSpy.