How to Change YouTube Channel Category

YouTube has been an integral part of our lives for several years now. It is one of the greatest platforms to enjoy quality content. For a content creator, this is a money-generating platform.

The YouTube SEO Service offers a wide range of services for content creators to publish their work and earn through those contents. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to select a category properly. According to FameMass, choosing the right category can be that one key aspect of better reach with more monetization.

Many content creators do not know how to change the YouTube channel category. Here we will have a step-by-step approach to the issue at hand.

Importance of YouTube Categories for Content Creators

It is paramount that a content creator knows which category his or her contents fall under. When you are uploading the first video from your channel, the category is selected automatically. You must pre-select everything before you upload the video.

So why is it so important to confirm the most appropriate category for your YouTube channel? The question itself is quite interesting. The reason is that YouTube does not have any strong algorithm to boost up viewer’s search options according to video categories. Moreover, the trending page includes limited amounts of options for categories. Amidst such cases, categorizing is extremely important for the advertisers.

If your video is properly categorized, the advertisers will be able to find contents that best suit their interests and market. As a result, they can include their product or service advertisements within your content, and you may even earn extra money.

However, not all videos can be categorized into a specific category. For videos like those, you will have to put them into a generally acceptable category. Here is a step-by-step procedure for the overall process.

How to Change YouTube Channel Category: Step by Step Approach

If you have gone through the previous part, you should know already how important it is to fix the proper category for your content on YouTube. Nevertheless, you may still make mistakes. Here is a detailed and descriptive approach on how to change the category of your channel on YouTube.

Step 1: Log in to your account

The first step is simple as a piece of cake. You will need to log in to your personal account on YouTube. You can use the website or the YouTube app from your phone to go to YouTube and log in to your account. This will take you to your channel automatically.

Step 2: Find the gear icon

At the top corner, you should find an icon that is shaped like a gear. This icon is generally known as the “settings” icon. Even if you do not have any page of your own, you must have used that option before. You will have to click on the icon. This gear-shaped icon can be found right beside the “upload” option at the top-right corner. This will take you to several options. From them, you will need to select “Video Manager.”

Step 3: Go to advanced settings

Once you go to the “Video Manager” option, you will find the list of all the videos you have uploaded from the channel. This page will display all the videos chronologically according to their upload date and time. You will have to click on any one of the videos. Or you should click on the desired video of which you want to change the category.

If you take the mouse over the video, there will be an “edit” option. Click the small arrow button next to it. The first thing that will arrive is “Info and Settings.” You will need to click on it now and go to the advanced setting.

Step 4: Category menu and making the selection

Once you go to the advanced setting option, you will find the category menu automatically. You can now change the category of your video without any hindrance. You can also select multiple categories for your channel.

However, many people fail to save all the changes made through the setting or gear icon. You must remember to click on “Save Changes” after you have actually finished making all the necessary changes.


Choosing the perfect YouTube channel category is a somewhat difficult task. There is plenty of good quality content on YouTube. However, many of the aspiring YouTube channels fall into this and leave the market as quickly as they came in the first place.

Therefore, you should know how to change the YouTube channel category. The aforementioned 4-step approach should be your perfect companion in issues like this.