How to Build Your Own Efficient Ecommerce Photography Studio?

If you have an online store, or you work for one, you will know the importance of a quality “photo.” Because with this product photograph you provide important information about the product you are selling. In addition, you give an image of professionalism to the store and also offer security and confidence to the customer.

E-commerce photography is becoming more and more important in online sales. And for that reason, in today’s article, I am going to how to build your own efficient e-commerce photography studio.

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Why Do Ecommerce Product Photography?

The importance of product photography in an online store is beyond explanation. It is the exposure of your products, and depending on it; you will have more or fewer sales. Ecommerce photography has several benefits:

  • A sense of security for the customer
  • Brand image
  • Consumer trust and affiliation with the brand
  • Greater visual impact and convincing of the product to the customer
  • Greater number of sales

How to Build Your Own Efficient Ecommerce Photography Studio?

Here I have shared all the essential information you need to know about building your own e-commerce photography studio.

Essential photography accessories

Firstly, I am going to leave you a series of recommendations on the photography accessories necessary for product photography.

  • The camera for all kinds of photos

To take a product photograph, we must have an optimal camera. If your budget is limited, I recommend using your own mobile/cell phone. In case you want to have a good one that will serve you for this function, get a camera. Accessories like hi pod can make the photographs even better.

  • The stage for small products

The camera is as important as the place where you are going to take the photographs. Many people make their own stage. This solution is ideal for small budgets. But if you want to invest a little and have your own stage, I recommend something professional.

There are many foldable portable product photography studios with built-in high-power LEDs for optimal contrast. Some feature a 3-door front system to maximize photo angles while reducing reflections from outside. Most of them have a recess at the top for shooting from above. Usually, there is no assembly necessary.

  • Lighting in large spaces

In the case of using models, you will need larger places. For this, you have to have lighting and a more complicated stage. And we cannot forget textured backdrops, the kit of umbrellas and LED ring light so that we always have the best possible lighting.

Tips for a product photoshoot

Only set up a perfect photo studio will not get the desired results. You need to know how to get good photos also.

  • Size and Position

All images must be the same size; it is important that there is harmony. That is, images should always be displayed with the same size in width and height, especially product previews.

You should have several photos from different angles of the product to have all the details. It is advisable to have a front, profile, rearview, and one that can see the product in detail. Also, having a zooming-in option will add another dimension.

  • Using models

If your products are fashionable, you must be very careful when choosing how to display the product. For example, if a model is wearing it, the appearance of the model must be consistent with the lines of the brand. The clothes should fit well and identify the type of client we are targeting.  Also, remember that if you hire models, it’s important to have them sign a model release and contract before photographing them to protect your business.

  • Format and Quality

It is important that the format of the images must be the same. The recommended format us “.jpg” or “.png”. And its size should not exceed 300k for page load issues and SEO positioning of products.

As a consequence of the format, the images must be of quality. Your online store’s photographs must be clear, without glare, and never ‘pixelated.’ The optimal quality is 150dpi.

  • Backgrounds and Colors

It is important that the background color of the images is the same. So that some do not stand out more than others, and as we have said before, there should be perfect harmony.

For dark products, the white color is recommended for the product to gain strength. And on the contrary, a black background is right for light products.

Who To Hire For A Product Photo Shoot?

At this point, it is best to ask yourself if you have time to worry about this task. Also, you need to make sure if you have the budget. That is, if you are a person who has the two conditions, it is appropriate that you outsource this service.

If your situation is the opposite, it is best to do it yourself. That means if your budget is limited and you have time, experiment with your skill.

Final verdict

Do you understand how to build your own efficient eCommerce photography studio now? Do you take all these tips into account when taking product photography? Or do you hire a company that specializes in this? Whatever your decision is, don’t forget the e-commerce photo editing part. This will be the cherry on the top of your photography.