How Technology Has Influenced the World of Sports

Technology has made the world a better place in which to live. It has changed the way people work and play, and it has brought people together through such things as the telephone, email, and text messaging. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of sports, where men and women once traveled from town to town by horse-drawn carriage to see their favorite team play. Today, technology has changed virtually every aspect of sports.

Instant Replay

In an attempt to remove any doubt about whether or not a player scored a touchdown or whether a batter was safe at first base, sports officials have turned to instant replay. In some situations, athletes can even challenge calls they believe were wrong and ask for a review by watching replays on large video screens installed at major sporting venues. The use of instant replay has saved officials from making embarrassing mistakes while helping to ensure that the right team wins games.

The Internet

Fans can find news about their favorite teams anywhere at any time on the Internet. Every team has its own sports site with up-to-date news and stats on the players; most players even maintain their own blogs so fans can keep up with them off the field or court as well as on it. Fans can find virtually any piece of information about a player by doing a simple Web search, and they can talk to other fans all over the world.


While fans have always kept statistics on their favorite teams, technology has made it possible for them to analyze those numbers in new ways. Today’s technology allows fans to track player stats during a game with much more precision than ever before. For example, baseball fans can follow every at-bat of their favorite players and see how many times they hit into double plays or hit into double plays or hit the ball right at an outfielder.

The increasing access to statistics can also help a team make better decisions. Coaches can use advanced analytics to optimize their lineups and figure out the best way to position their players on defense.

Safer Equipment

Technology has also improved sports equipment. For example, bicycle helmets are now designed not only to protect against impacts but also to prevent concussions by absorbing energy from rotational forces. And skiers wear airbag jackets that inflate when they fall, providing extra protection for their backs and necks.


Treating sports injuries is also changing because of technology. Gone are the days when a player would stay out of action until his injury “feels better.” Now, doctors use MRIs and other imaging equipment to determine the extent of an injury and come up with a treatment plan that will get athletes back on the field most quickly and safely.


Technology has brought a lot of changes in the way we watch sports. Any sports lover can watch the game on the go or at home and can enjoy all the updates about their favorite sportsperson. The games are now even broadcasted live for viewers. This has increased the viewership of people who love to watch sports but can’t go to the stadium and witness it. Technology is used in various ways like cameras, sensors, and wearables which have helped athletes to perform better in their respective sports.

Technology in Sports helps viewers to experience the game from various angles. Viewers can see every action performed by players on their television screens or smartphones.