Best Cannabis Consumption Methods to Try in 2022

As the legalization of cannabis sweeps the nation, people are looking for new and innovative ways to consume it. While smoking is still the most popular way to consume marijuana, many other methods are gaining in popularity. This blog post will overview some of the best cannabis consumption methods to try in 2022.


Bongs are one of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis. Unlike joints or blunts, bongs filter the smoke through water, which cools and cleanses it. This results in a much smoother hit, which is easier on the lungs. As you can see here, bongs come in all shapes and sizes, from simple plastic models to ornate borosilicate glass bongs. Some bongs even come with built-in percolators, which further filter and cool the smoke. Whether you’re a first-time smoker or a seasoned veteran, bongs are a great way to enjoy cannabis. Just be sure to fill the bong with fresh water before each use.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Perhaps one of the most popular marijuana consumption methods to date is the dry herb vaporizer. For those who are unfamiliar, dry herb vaporizers are devices that allow you to heat marijuana rather than using a heating method, such as combustion. As a result, since combustion isn’t used, harmful toxins and carcinogens aren’t created, which has made dry herb vaporizers a popular choice for many people.

More than this, dry herb vaporizers are relatively small, which means they can be carried everywhere, and since vapor is much lighter than smoke, there is no lingering smell after dry herb vaporizer australia use, making them a lot more discreet.

Dab Rigs

The next marijuana consumption method on this list is dab rigs. When many people first look at a dab rig, the first thought is that it looks very much like a bong. This isn’t a surprising assessment, since dab rigs do look like beakers. much like bongs. However, you don’t use dry herbs when using a dab rig.

To use a dab rig, you will need marijuana concentrate, shatter, or wax. The shatter, wax, or concentrate is placed on a nail which is then heated up creating vapor. Dab rigs have become so popular that in recent years, mini dab rigs have been created, which are much more portable than their original designs.

Oil Vaporizers

The next cannabis consumption method on this list has become very popular over the last few years and it is the oil vaporizer. Oil vaporizers look like your regular vaporizer that is used for nicotine juices, however, instead of using nicotine juices, the pods are filled with cannabis oil/juice.

One of the reasons why these devices have become so popular is because of the ease of use; all you need to do is change the pod and inhale. Another reason is that much like dry herb vaporizers, they are discreet when being used, as well as the fact that they are portable.


If you are looking for a cannabis consumption method that doesn’t require you to smoke anything or vape anything, then cannabis tinctures are probably the way to go. Cannabis tinctures are small vials that have been filled with cannabis oil. They are very easy to use and only require you to place a few drops under your tongue.

The great thing about cannabis tinctures is that although they’re unset, time is around 15 to 20 minutes, the duration of Effects is around 4 hours; not too long and not too short. Cannabis tinctures are mainly used by those within the medical marijuana community.


Another cannabis consumption method that doesn’t require you to vape or smoke anything is edibles. Marijuana edibles are up there on the list of the most iconic marijuana consumption methods, right next to joints and bongs.

As the name would suggest, cannabis edibles are food products that have been infused with cannabis. This immediately makes them very popular with many people since they can consume their favorite food, and get high. In addition to this, the duration of effects for edibles is around 8 hours, making them a great choice for someone who needs the benefits that cannabis provides, throughout the day.

Transdermal Patches

Finally, the last cannabis consumption method on this list is transdermal patches. Transdermal patches, much like nicotine patches, need to be applied directly to the skin. One of the reasons why transdermal patches have become popular is because you don’t need to do anything other than placing the patch on your skin.

Another reason for the popularity of transdermal patches is the fact that whilst using the patch, it will slowly release small amounts of cannabis into your system throughout the day. This effectively allows you to microdose without getting too high, yet still being able to receive the benefits of cannabis.


Where To Purchase Cannabis

It is best to purchase cannabis products from a licensed dispensary, such as this dispensary in St. Louis. You will obtain the highest quality cannabis from them. Additionally, dispensaries have a wide range of products, including those listed above.