How much does floor screeding cost?

Are your floors uneven? Been told you need floor screeding, but don’t know what it means?

Floor screed has been used for many years to resolve a number of flooring issues. Put simply, it’s a blended mixture of sand, cement and water that is poured over the top of a subfloor to even out any irregularities. It’s one of the most crucial stages of laying a new floor and, not only does it create a smooth surface, it can be used to cover underfloor heating systems too – allowing heat to be evenly distributed throughout the room.

One of the reasons why you might have been advised to screed your floors is that – thanks to its waterproof nature – it eliminates concerns with damp when installing new flooring. Screed Kent is also a great way to save money on your energy bills, adding an extra layer of insulation to your building. But how much does it cost?

Cost of floor screeding explained

It’s tricky to put a price on floor screeding as there are several factors that floor screeding contractors have to take into consideration.

These include:

  • Screed type

From sand and cement to liquid and fast-drying screed, there are many different types to choose from. Though liquid screed is increasing in popularity, it’s often more expensive than its traditional or fast-drying counterparts.

  • Depth of screed required

No two projects are the same and – depending on the chosen screed and its intended use – some will require a thick layer of screed whereas others will only need a thin one. As you’d expect, the thicker the screed you require, the more you will pay.

  • Size of the area that needs screeding

Something that dramatically impacts on the cost of floor screeding is the size of the floor. That’s why, when requesting a quote, your measurements must be 100% accurate. Larger areas will require a lot more screed which usually equates to more labour and bumps up the overall price.

  • Geographic location

It’s important to note that the price of floor screeding will vary depending on where you live. For instance, the cost of floor screeding in London will be greater than it is in areas, such as Greater Manchester or Merseyside, because the living costs are higher.

  • Drying times

If time is of the essence, and you need your floor screeding ASAP, you may opt to use a ‘quick-drying’ screed so you can get the final finish down sooner. This is absolutely fine – but it tends to come at a higher price due to its added benefits.

Find out how much floor screeding will cost you today

If you’d like to know exactly how much it will cost to screed your floor, request a free no-obligation quote from JCW. Simply email your requirements to, outlining your accurate measurements, preferred screed (if known) and any other important details regarding your project. As professional floor screeders, they will take into consideration all of the above factors to ensure that the price they offer is fair – and all their rates are inclusive of labour. Win-win.