How Horror Movies Have Influenced Casino Games

Horror has long been a mainstay in theaters. For those who aren’t fans of horror, the idea of being scared for fun seems ludicrous. But any long-time horror fan knows just how addictive the feeling is. 

Over the years, the horror genre of movies has gotten a lot more exciting and so has the global demographic of horror fans. Gaming developers have also taken advantage of this theme and have released a number of games that are based on some of the popular horror movies. You can try it on your own, watching Horror movies on 123movies.

When you think of casinos, you don’t typically think about goblins, ghouls, and witches. But with casinos all around the world trying to entice more kinds of players to join up, it is no surprise that some casinos have marketed themselves strongly to horror fans.  In this article, we take a deep dive into the three ways that horror movies have made their way into the world of casino games.

Guest author Sultés Szilvia takes a closer look at how horror movies have influenced casino games. Find out more about Sultés Szilvia.


The timeless tale of a vampire living high atop the mountains of far-flung Transylvania remains as compelling as ever. Despite dozens of remakes over the decades, many still hunger for the peculiar brand of terror of glamorous, old-school monsters. 

Dracula is now available for slot fans who are craving some blood, courtesy of Netent. Their slot, simply named “Dracula”, is thought to be a tie-up to the upcoming release of Universal’s Dracula movie. 

Unlike most slots that treat their themes cursorily, Dracula the slot goes for the jugular. The atmosphere of the game is eerie, with foreboding visuals and music. This 5-reel, 40-payline slot is the closest you can get to a real vampire experience in the online casino world. 

Hungarian players have shown a big tendency to play online slot games that have a horror theme. When they are not playing horror-themed slots, Hungarian players like to play classic table games like Go ahead and test your skills by playing the top online póker 2021 games.


Alfred Hitchcock’s landmark “Psycho” is a movie about obsession. This sort of thing naturally rings bells with long-time online casino players. We all know how absorbed we get whenever we hit a lucky streak.

That same intense vibe is present in spades in the movie. Despite having a plot synopsis that reads more like an art film than a horror film, make no mistake about it: this is one of the scariest movies for people who can’t get on board with ghosts and other supernatural beings.

In the casino world, Psycho has inspired a slot by NextGen Gaming, also called “Psycho”. This 5-reel, 25-payline slot is quite basic on its face, but just like the film, the horror creeps up on you like a persistent faucet drop while you are trying to sleep. The slot contains several quotes from the movie, helping increase the scary vibes even more. 

Blood Suckers

For a more millennial take on the Dracula myth, check out the movie “Bloodsuckers”. While it wasn’t all that popular at the box office, it has become a kind of cult hit, especially among horror completists. 

Netent based their “Blood Suckers” slot on this movie. It is a standard 5-reel slot with 25 paylines, but it brings horror through its visuals and sounds. The soundtrack of this game is especially apt.

The main bonus feature of this game is its bonus game. There you will be able to do your best vampire hunter impression by driving wooden stakes down slumbering vampires’ hearts in their coffins. 

Expect More Horror-Themed Casino Games

Movie producers continue to release hundreds of new horror-themed movies for both a global and a regional market. Whenever they end up having a horror movie box office hit, casino game developers take notice and wait for the right time to come out with a horror-themed slot that revolves around the blockbuster horror movie.

One of the main reasons game developers come out with horror-themed movie slots is because they don’t need to do a lot of marketing to appeal to their player base. The popularity of the horror movie has already helped with marketing the slot.


If you are looking for top horror-themed slots, we suggest you check out the three games we have listed above and give it a few spins and see which one you like the best.