10 Ways to Remain in Good Shape After 60

Aging is a slow but continuous process, and with it comes different changes to different parts of the body. The most common signs of aging are wrinkles, lines, and fine lines on the skin. However, some more processes and changes happen, some of which people cant see.

First, the arteries and blood vessels become stiff, which causes the heart to adjust and pump blood harder.

The bones also shrink and reduce in density, which causes them to become more vulnerable to breakages and fractures. There is also wear and tear at the bones’ cartilage, which makes older people more likely to suffer pain and inflammation at the joints.

Another unpleasant change that happens is that the bladder becomes less elastic, and the muscles also weaken. That causes older people to want to go to the bathroom more.

The muscles of the pelvic muscle also become loose, which makes it difficult for older people to empty their bladder or makes them lose control of their bladder.

The brain is also another part that undergoes significant changes as people age. That affects not only the skills to learn and understand new things but also affects memory.

The ears and eyes also undergo changes that make it hard for older people to hear or see things more clearly. The gums and the teeth also change, and the gum tends to pull away from the teeth and becomes weak, causing teeth loss.

The muscles in old people also become weaker, making it hard for them to conduct some of their daily physical chores.

How To Keep Yourself In Good Shape After 60

Even as people age, it is possible for them to remain in good shape. Some of the things they can do include:


Lifestyle habits are among the major things that affect people’s health and their life quality. Some lifestyle habits that older people can practice to remain in good shape include:

1) Proper diet
Old people should cut back on foods with a lot of sugars, salt, and added fats because those could hurt their cardiovascular health more. Instead, they should choose fruits, vegetables, whole foods, and proteins.

Those provide them with the required nutrients, keep them feeling fuller for longer, and do not have a lot of calories. They should also eat foods rich in calcium to help strengthen their bones. They should also take a lot of water to help with digestion and promote other bodily functions.

2) Get regular check-ups
Regular check-ups not only help heal diseases that are already there, but they also help detect some diseases that, if left untreated, could become serious. It also helps monitor the health of old people and come up with good ways to improve it.

3) Have a good sleep routine
Sleep is the best way for the body to heal and relax. It helps the body recover from mental and physical stress, which ensures old people remain healthy.


4) Exercise regularly
Exercises help maintain strong muscles and bones, which reduces the rate at which old people lose their bones. Some of the best exercises old people should do include resistance band workouts, Pilates, and water aerobics.

They not only help strengthen the bones and muscles, but they help increase the flexibility and stability of the body.

5) Avoid strenuous exercises
While exercises are good for the body, serious activities could cause more harm than good to the bones and muscles. Since the bones are already naturally weak, strenuous activities could cause fractures or breakages.

6) Walking
Walking helps by increasing the strength of the muscles and bones and helps in improving and maintaining cardiovascular health. Old people should wall at a steady pace to avoid straining their hearts and bones too much.

Hormones In Seniors

7) Hormone health screening
Hormones play a major role in the changes that occur in old age, so it is key that old people have hormone health screening. Some of the hormones in the body include:

• Insulin- This hormone enables the body organs to absorb glucose and also regulates metabolic processes.
• Estrogen- Helps in women’s development like widening of hips and growth or breast. It also helps maintain the health of the nail and hair, helps in blood clotting and bone development.
• Melatonin- Helps regulate the sleep and wake cycles.
• Cortisol- Helps people recognize when they are in danger.
• Testosterone- Helps in bone and muscle development and also helps in the effective distribution of fat cells.  Be sure to look for a good testosterone booster.

HGH (human growth hormone) is another important hormone in the human body because it helps maintain organs, tissues, and muscle mass. However, as people age, the levels of HGH production in the body reduce, resulting in loss of muscle mass and bone density. When people start having HGH deficiency, doctors recommend that they undergo HGH therapy.

Depending on the extent of the deficiency, patients can have the injection several times weekly or monthly. Sermorelin is one of the ways people can get this therapy. This s a synthetic form of the naturally occurring chemicals that cause the pituitary gland to release the HGH. If you got the legal prescription and looking where to buy Sermorelin, you can consider on-line and off-line accredited clinics. Apart from the extent of the condition, the doctors base the treatment on their patients’ age, medical history, general health, and treatment expectations.


8) Social activities
Social activities like having gatherings with friends or families or indulging in social events help minimize stress and depression.

9) Emotions and stress management
Stress is one of the main things that cause negative effects on heart health, so older people should reduce their stress levels.

10) Curiosity and mind development
Curiosity and mind development activities help engage and activate the brain. That helps promote functions like learning new skills and also prevents memory loss.