How Do I Choose a Wilson Tennis Racket?

Wilson offers you a myriad of racket options to choose from. From rackets for beginners and intermediate players to ones that provide a flawless combination of power, control, spin, and precision, there’s practically nothing that Wilson can’t offer in terms of tennis equipment.

Choosing one of the longest-running brands for tennis equipment is an important first step. We commend you on that. Now, you’ll want to learn more about the company’s four key racket lines, and the vital part of your game each is known to enhance.

The performance benefits of these rackets and their diversified head sizes and weights are what we’ll cover today to help you select a Wilson racket structured around your unique game.

A Tennis Racket That Meets Your Skill Level

Before you pick up a tennis racket to call yours, you must first determine if it suits your level of play. To find this out, it’s imperative that you understand the elements that influence this particular factor, which are the weight and head size.

Quickly going over tennis racket head sizes, there’s midsize, mid plus, and oversize. These pieces of equipment can either come in weights classified as lightweight frame, medium frame, and heavyweight frame.

Rackets for Beginners

Experts recommend that you choose a light racket with a large head if you’re fresh off the blocks in your tennis journey.

With the “oversize” racket’s main features, you should find more consistency in making contact with the ball. You should also learn to rally without tiring or straining your dominant arm, allowing you to get used to the game faster.

The three key factors to take into consideration when selecting a beginner racket are:

  • Additional power

  • Larger head size

  • Lighter frame

These are features you’ll see in both the Wilson Triad and Ultra. Both these rackets are capable of making any beginner tennis player’s journey easier.

What if you’re no longer a newbie anymore? What if you’re someone who’s in the middle of his or her tennis journey and looking for a racket upgrade?

Rackets for Intermediate Players

Regardless of what kind of “game” you have, the fact that you’ve been playing tennis for some time now means that you’re ready for a racket with a bit more weight and smaller head size. This is because you’re already at a level where you can make contact with the ball effortlessly and generate more pace behind your shots.

By this time, your muscles have also “grown into” tennis, allowing you to deliver power as well as control. An intermediate tennis player should have these three features in mind when choosing his or her racket:

  • Less power, more control

  • Medium weight frame

  • Mid plus or oversize head size

We put oversize as an option because, as most of us know, not everyone develops at the same rate. A player may have gotten used to the game but could still use a little more practice making contact with the ball as it comes to him at varying degrees of pace. The Wilson Blade or Clash was made to fit this purpose.

Rackets for Advanced Players

A midsize tennis racket is just what advanced-level players need to have more feel, control, and precision in their game. With these three benefits, you have a more “connected feel” of the ball, which gives you more confidence as you aim for the lines with depth and power.

If you’re an advanced player looking for a Wilson upgrade, make sure to have the following in mind:

  • Control and feel

  • Medium frame or heavyweight frame

  • Midsize or mid plus head size

Since you’re at a level where you should be able to generate pace effortlessly, you’re going to need even more feel and control in your game. In this way, you can confidently go for those groundstroke winners without worrying about them landing wide or long. Either the Wilson Pro Staff or Blade can give your advanced game the feel that it needs.

A Tennis Racket for Your Swing Style

As with other world-renowned tennis equipment brands, Wilson also considers player swing style when manufacturing their rackets. They have rackets specifically for players with flat or shortened swings to help them generate more power.

Beginner and intermediate players who adopt this style of play should go for the Ultra Tennis racket, while those at the advanced level should pick up the Pro Staff.

Then, we have the vertical swing. This is common among the modern-day players and helps them deliver their shots with more control and precision. The Clash would be ideal for beginner and intermediate players who have this game, while the Blade would suit advanced players best.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Clash, let this comprehensive Wilson clash review fill you in on all the racket’s unique features and performance benefits to each part of your game.

A Wilson Racket for Your Unique Tennis Journey

Being one of the leaders of tennis-equipment manufacturing in the world, Wilson is known for breaking technological boundaries. However, what’s also obvious about them is they like to make racket selection simple and easy.

Just consider your skill level and swing style, as well as the key parts of your game you’d like to polish, and Wilson will have a tennis racket built specifically for this unique combination.