Health and Human Security

With improved studies on scientific and social theories, we have discovered that human needs are interrelated to security needs that lead us to having a good health. This means that humans are naturally social animals. We need our basic needs to be taken care of as this helps us to feel secure. For example if we have a roof on our heads, 3 meals for the day, clothes to shelter our body, a proper working environment and an emotional connection with the people around us, than we are likely to feel secure. This sense of security helps signaling the brain that we are in the right place, thus it tricks our brain to operate with a good health, interrelating the concepts of health and security.

In the same way, if there is a robbery that happens in the area or some sort of conflict arises within the office ,than these area of consideration , messes up with our brain that effects our functionary health system and plays with us mentally.

Therefore, it is important to sculpt open the pointers that are responsible for social health. Someone who is suffering from any disease will have a multiplier effect on the people around him thus many changes will come up including in our economic and social environment. It is important to work towards an empowered and confident society. A less secured society is likely to fall in pits full of inequality, discrimination, seclusion etc.

We should always be on the lookout for empowerment. It is also the responsibility of the government to take care of our protection and health needs. The government should constantly analyze the situation and plan on preventing threats to health. They should sponsor health care programs such as free polio drops for kids, so that the society can be brought up in a proper built manner. We should also build up on our characters, have dignity, be aware of human rights and fight for our decisions whenever we feel the need for it. Both the government and rich communities should specially pay attention to the poor or those who are working in neglected areas in search for jobs since they need most of the care as they lack in both health and social security.

Basically without a sense of security, everything just feels remote.We need evolution and change, something to ponder and develop on for our future. We should not lose our today for tomorrow and in the same way maintain our today’s gain to help in tomorrow’s crises. This approach to human security helps in human development and building up a challenging and powerful society. Our security is connected directly to our rights.If we get our rights fulfilled then we are likely to feel more secured.We should set our goals, plan for the best and then budget for the freedom of want or freedom from fear.

It is a complex phenomenon that can be shortened through simple planning to evaluate and improve on the way we want to secure ourselves for better prospects.