Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is a very important component of human body. It’s very important for a planet to have water for the existence of life; same is the case with human body. Human body contains 78 percent water. For normal mechanisms of body, water is really very necessary because the chemical reactions require water for completion. It is recommended by doctors to intake almost 8-10 glasses of water per day. Contact Drink Defy alkaline water and get all the benefits from drinking premium alkaline water.


The amount of water you intake daily determines your health level. It is really important in keeping your blood pressure normal and making you feels fresh and calm. Proper intake of water not only keeps your cells hydrated but also keeps your skin fresh and gloomy. It also maintains the digestive activities. By keeping your water level normal, you will stay healthy and fresh. One should keep check on his health, body weight and keep practicing the ways to improve his health.

Relieves Fatigue

You may not believe but trying this method will make you believe it that water intake helps to get rid of fatigue. The probability of fatigue increases with lesser intake of water. And then body functions less efficiently because the mechanisms inside aren’t going normal. Thus drinking hydrogen water from is very good for organs and their functions in human body. It helps improve your health and make you more active.

Improves Mood

Water is not only necessary for you physical body but also for psychological health. Drinking proper water can help you to improve your mood. When your body is hydrated, your mind will be automatically relaxed. You must make sure to keep drinking proper water on your working and busy days, this will really help you to make things work better. A study showed that people having dehydration were having bad behaviors and mood swings.

Treats Headaches and Migraines

Did you know that dehydration can lead to migraine and headache? It happens when you are not drinking an appropriate amount of water and the nerves of your body starts getting dehydrated and stress keeps on increasing and this all results as migraine. The one suffering with migraine should start keeping a check on the amount of water he intakes. And then improve your routine by making it hydrated.

Helps in Digestion and Constipation

Water also improves the digestive activity because the mechanism human digestive system has, needs plenty of water for efficient performance. It helps in making aqueous solution which is good for lubrication and grinding of food. It provides a good medium to stomach. When body is hydrated, all its functions go on normal and digestive system makes normal. It also helps in treating constipation. Because the root cause of constipation is dehydration.

Aids Weight Loss

Almost half of the world is worried about their weight and they want to lose weight. People try different methods for this, even counting the number of calories they are taking in. There is no benefit of doing this except drinking water. Water helps in burning and wasting extra calories. So, if you have got a healthy routine if drinking water then you may not need to count the calories you are in taking. Replace your high calorie drinks with water and make your life easy with a balanced weight.

Flushes out Toxins

The water we in take goes on performing two major functions in our body. The first is to lubricate and to provide aqueous media. The second is to combine with un-necessary chemicals and reagents to excrete them out of the body via urine and sweat. It also helps in the better functioning of kidney. When there is extra water, it don’t let minerals and other smaller stones to gather in kidney and dissolve them for excretion out of the body. In short, water is really necessary to keep you safe from toxic chemicals and reagents.

Regulates Body Temperature

When the body is completely hydrated, proper sweetening process occurs which keeps the body in normal temperature state? Water has unique thermal properties that balance the thermal equilibrium of body. A well oriented body temperature also makes a person more energetic and healthy. In this way your working capabilities will also improve. It also helps to lubricate joints and muscles, it is so healthy.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Water intake makes the blood flow faster and smoother. When blood flows smoothly it helps the skin to stay healthy and moisturized. Water helps to treat scars, acne, wrinkles, soft lines and other aging symptoms. It increases elasticity in skin and replenishes the skin. It also keeps the skin tone look brighter and glow. Those who have issues of acne and pimples, water is very healthy for them to heal those pimples.

Relieves Hangover

When you intake a lot of alcohol then as a result your body and brain goes into a phase called hangover. As much water you will drink, the more you will feel to urinate and in this way the alcohol or liquor will pass out from your body quickly.

Common symptoms of hangover are abnormal heartbeat, anxiety, body pain, dizziness, nausea, lethargy, stomach ache and vomiting. It also damages liver and other vital organs of body, but water flow can help to maintain them in normal state. Experts recommend drinking 16 to 20 ounce water before going to bed.

Beats Bad Breath

Bad Breath is a very common issue of today because people eat fast food and that causes smell in oral cavity. It is a common sign of dehydration. Proper intake of water will dissolve those smell causing substances and will make their way to out of the body.

When you intake water, it will dissolve the bacteria of mouth with it and will wash out other chemicals too. It also dilutes the smelly compounds which bacteria have produced. So, drink sufficient water and keep rinsing with it. Drink water specially after eating meal, snacks or anything. It is essential to make proper efforts to drink water. If it persists, you can get a dental checkup to learn the root cause of it. Sometimes, treatments to remove ugly cavities with the dentist in sarasota can help alleviate this problem.


Water is an important component of living things including human beings. It helps in raising your mental and physical health quality. A better health will bring out the best output in your life and you will start feeling the change. Making it a habit may be tough but not impossible.