Guide to Finding Reliable Pet Export Services in Singapore

While planning a move to Singapore, transporting your dear pet will include a long, challenging list of preparations to be made. Most of you may feel forced to find a new home for your beloved pet rather than subject him to that traumatic transportation. But fortunately, some steps can be taken to make sure that the move is easy and smooth for your companion. You need to follow some mandates while relocating your pet to Singapore, such as your dog or cat should have microchips implanted, have two inactivated vaccination for rabies, and be quarantined for 10-30 days depending on the country it is being exported. And all this will be taken care of by a professional pet export service company in Singapore. Services that have comprehensive facilities and expert knowledge mean your dear pet will experience an efficient and smooth experience all throughout. Read more at this site about how to keep your pet healthy and valued as an important member of the family.

Tips to Consider

Below are some tips that will help you to find a reliable pet export service provider in Singapore,

  • Expertise- The constant initiatives and business time to stay ahead adds to the utmost capacity to assist clients holistically. Having good experience to relocate pets is not a need, yet it is a positive sign. Possessing more experience means being more familiar as well as ease of performing the task. The end result is a smooth pet journey. This plays a crucial role in pet transportation. Always ask the professional about his experience and knowledge and also how they have trained every staff. It is only an authentic and expert provider that will share the required details in order to gain good-will and customer trust.  For example, Ferndale employs professional staff includes shipping manager, pet escorter, animal care team, pet boarding service assistant and Veterinary Surgeon Ferndale Kennels is a pet relocation company really dedicated to a professional focus on animal healthcare.
  • Door-to-Door Service- This is the key to keep customers content and satisfied. Always choose a service provider that offers door-to-door service as they will ensure that the stress of visiting the airport, dealing with paperwork, and handling the airport personnel does not affect you. Being experts, they will arrange the paperwork ahead of time.
  • Read Client Testimonial and Online Reviews- Testimonials and reviews are essential to refer to prior to making the decision. Both happy and unhappy customers will share their different experiences online. So, when you come across a pet export service provider that has less critical comments and more positive reviews, you know you have made the right choice.
  • Service Portfolio- Always check the services that the pet relocation service provider offers prior to hiring their service. Reputable services such as Shiloh Animal Pet Export services offer a long list of services such as,
  1. Offer a travel crate that is airline approved.
  2. Arranging a microchip that is ISO-compliant.
  3. Arrange for RNAT rabies blood test.
  4. Custom clearance for pets in Singapore.
  5. Apply for a customs permit and import license that is Singapore-specific.
  6. Get documents endorsed via the government.
  7. Flight bookings.
  8. Door-to-door pick up as well as delivery.
  9. Boarding in their facility if needed.

Last but not least, compare a couple of service providers before making the final decision. Also, check certain traits such as professionalism, confidence, and approach. This will help you to make the right choice.