You must understand the possible causes of tooth decay and cavities

If you want to find out the reason behind cavities, you need to know that a hole results from eating too many sweets and bad genes. Many doctors say that the dental cavity is the determiner of family history and can be a genetic gamble. The majority of the cavities that you have can be hereditary. Studies have proved that 60% of dental cavities are genetic transfer.

Here are a few components that cause a cavity in individuals

The genetic influence

Strength of your saliva

Researchers have found that saliva can be of various kinds because of polymorphisms that are the different genes. The type of saliva you have can either give birth to bacteria in your mouth or help you naturally cure your cavity. The kind of saliva that your salivary gland produces is not something in your hand and comes from your genes.

Shape of your dentures

Everybody has a different shape of teeth. Some people have such an arrangement that their teeth are crowded, making it difficult for flossing and brushing. Thus, resulting in plaque building and the birth of bacteria and germs, causing cavities.

Immunity levels

The species of microorganisms in your body are the determiners of your immunity. The stronger your immune system is, the better you are at fighting diseases, including gum disease and cavities. Those with low levels of immunity have a hard time maintaining their oral health. A little carelessness on their part can take a toll on their health. Thus, to keep your teeth healthy, you must also pay attention to immunity-rich foods.

Dental enamel

The structure of your dental enamel is a product of your genes. While some people have soft tooth enamel, others have stronger ones. Soft enamels result in the production of bacteria and cause cavities. Your genes play a critical role in the decaying of your tooth. Open the link if you are looking for the best dental clinic brisbane.

Factors other than genes

Besides genes, other factors that cause dental caries are the kind of diet you undertake, your brushing frequency, environmental factors, habits, such as smoking and drinking, and access to dental check-ups.

Sugary drinks

One of the most important external factors resulting in tooth decay is the consumption of sugary drinks. Drinks with artificial sugar are worse than occasional sweetmeats. Artificial drinks transfer hidden sugar to every corner of your mouth and are the significant cause of dental cavities.


Besides causing embarrassment, snoring can also agitate your teeth. Snoring can reduce the production of saliva in your mouth, thereby springing bacteria and germs.

Frequent snacking

Constant snacking on junk food and refined sugar can be an invitation to germs and cavities. Sugary food and drinks take a few seconds to transform into dental cavities. Having a sugar treat all at once is less harmful than eating them all through the day.

Missing your routine dental checkup

Even if you religiously follow the brushing and flossing routine, procrastinating your oral health check-up can cause tooth decay. Sometimes cavities do not show up until it is too late to act.

Dentists can diagnose your issue and provide preventive care treatments. Therefore, it is essential to pay timely visits to the dentist. You may visit Dublin Dental Care Ohio, as it offers comprehensive treatment for your oral health.