Gluten Free Restaurant in Florence Italy

Along with its medieval architecture, world-class museums, and heavenly gardens; the gluten-free restaurant in Florence, Italy certainly adds to the city’s allure for its thousands of visitors.

The capital of the Tuscany region – Florence is defined by its mountaineering Mediterranean landscapes as well as its glorious history of trade, history, and culture. Among its fascinating natural scenery, sits an interesting city adorned with medieval architecture, the Renaissance art masterpieces and sculptures. The city also has a great commercial scene, thanks to its history of being the hub of European commerce and trade.

While elegance and authenticity are the two main principles that influence the Florentine commercial scenes, it also has a penchant for fine jewelry, foods, and drinks. Everything from the traditional Tuscan street foods to high-end restaurants; Florence has its all to satisfy the different tastes of different people. One of the most significant recent addition is the availability of fine gluten free restaurants in Florence Italy .

Anyways, before getting into the details of restaurants, let’s have a basic understanding of what kind of food and things to see the great city of Florence has to offer to its visitors.

An Overview of the City of Florence

In the midst of its rolling green hills and carefully curated vineyards, Florence is the spiritual home of a great variety of people – artists, creatives, art activists, craftsmen, scientists and so on. After all, it was the birthplace of the Renaissance period, the spirit of which can still be felt by visiting its museums such as the Uffizi Gallery, the Pitti Palace, Galleria dell’Accademia, Bargello National Museum and so on.

Don’t get fooled by its small-town vibe, Florence is adorned with many magnificent architectural attractions and heavenly gardens. It’s the home to the world’s biggest dome – the Brunelleschi’s Dome, also known as the Duomo. The adjacent Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Basilica di San Lorenzo, the Palazzo Vecchio, etc. have all that it takes to wow its visitors.

The oldest bridge in Florence – Ponte Vecchio, one the other hand is a testament to Florence’s glorious urban planning, which now provides a hub to showcase the intricate works of the Florentine goldsmiths. The shops lined along Via Dei Calzaiuoli and the San Lorenzo Market would also provide you with plenty of opportunities to spend some time and money.

Eating Destinations in Florence

A testament to the Italian culinary arts, it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed by the great number of street food stalls, historical cafes, and fine eateries available in Florence. Along the streets around the Piazza Della Signoria, there are plenty of stalls to munch of traditional Tuscan delicacies. If you want something finer and more romantic, just head inside one of the gluten free restaurants in Florence, Italy – Santa Elisabetta and Osteria Pagliazza. Both of these restaurants are located inside the Hotel Brunelleschi, just near the historic city center. Santa Elisabetta is a Michelin star restaurant with gourmet cuisines, while Osteria Pagliazza offers gluten-free Tuscan dishes with a modern twist.