TubeBingo bargains galore!

When you play Bingo online, the options are limitless, right from the comfort of your own home!

Now, when you enter the Super Bargain Room you should expect a 90-ball game with tickets made up of individual 27 square grids with three rows and nine columns. Each row contains five numbers and four blank squares, with 15 numbers appearing on each ticket. The best way to play, in any capacity, is to buy a strip of tickets in order to give you a better shot at bagging the win. In this game, a strip is a group of six tickets, with every possible number from one to 90 appearing on each full strip. You are allowed to buy a total of six strips per each Bingo game, totalling 36 tickets. With that many tickets, you stand a great chance of walking away as a winner!

Prizes and jackpots offered in each Bingo game usually have a minimum guaranteed offer, however the actual final prize is determined by the number of tickets that have been purchased for that game, culminating in the jackpot. In every Bingo game there are three prizes to be won – one line, two lines and House/Bingo. The player who is the first to have all crossed-off numbers that have been called in a horizontal line on their ticket will win the one-line prize. To win the two-line prize, the player must have all of the numbers that have been crossed on two lines of the same ticket. And to win the grand, and growing, Bingo or House Jackpot, a player has to have marked off all of their numbered squares on a single ticket. Only then will they get the chance of shouting the word “Bingo”! The great thing about online Bingo is that the game will acknowledge a winning ticket even if you haven’t crossed the numbers off yourself – so there’s no missing out if you haven’t realised that you’re holding that lucky ticket.

Most of the time, prizes can be shared between multiple players and a single player can also win more than one of the available prizes, if they have purchased tickets from more than one strip. In these circumstances the cash prize will be split equally between all of the winners, and directly deposited into the player’s account.

If you are playing or watching a game of Bingo then the “Game Details” section is something you definitely want to keep an eye on. As you switch between all of your Bingo games, the one that you have purchased tickets for will be brought forward and the stats for that particular game will be shown. Here you will see the information on the current game, and it will be updated as the game proceeds. This will include the name of the game you are playing, the number of players in the game, details of the three prizes on offer in the game – these can differ, some games only allow you to win by earning a ticket with all of the numbers crossed off – along with the value of each win. Also, it will show you the current prize that is being played for, and what has already been won, in the game.