Fond Memories of San Antonio

None but the fondest of memories

Its hard not to follow in love with San Antonio. I went to college there at Trinity University in the early 90s. With out a doubt San Antonio is the biggest small town you will ever visit. On the one hand you have a somewhat typical city center with some iconic buildings such as the Alamo, The Tower of the Americas, a beautiful Marriott hotel, the enchanting River Walk and sports arenas.

San Antonio Overview

Many attractions and things to do in the city

On the other hand you have a very geographically large and diverse population with the city center comprising only a small part of the city. On the far outreaches of the city are Fiesta Texas and Sea World. To the North are the lovely rolling hill country of central Texas. You can drive through San Antonio rather quickly and never realize your in the 7th largest city in the US.

During my days in San Antonio we enjoyed eating at TCs (Taco Cabana), fun nights on the romantic river walk (great for dates), St. Mary’s street and the San Antonio Spurs. When I was in college that was the start of the hey day of the Spurs starting with David Robinson and soon followed by Tim Duncan and four championships. We also can’t forget the annual Fiesta celebration which has great food, concerts and events across the city including the famous Oyster Bake. Something you need to do at least once.

Even with all that it really doesn’t define San Antonio. New York and LA have their unique east coast/west coast cultures. But San Antonio has a culture all of its own. The strong Hispanic influence provides a unique influence in all aspects of city life. The strong college community provides youth and the military influence is very strong as well. There is something magical about it that you can’t quite describe unless you have lived there.

If you haven’t visited San Antonio we strongly recommend you take a look – there are great things to do for the whole family or for a romantic getaway.

San Antonio Authentic Culture

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