Factors to consider when selecting any cannabis product

Knowing how to pick the right cannabis strain is critical to enjoying its benefits in the way you want. If the recreational value of marijuana is most important for you, you must choose a THC product, the psychotropic compound that produces high. But if you choose some cannabis product for health benefits, you must focus on marijuana with low or zero THC content but high on CBD, which is the source of good health. Moreover, cannabis affects people differently, and knowing the factors that contribute to the effects should help to order the right type of cannabis product from Get Kush online dispensary.

Since it is hard to determine how much and what kind of effect cannabis can have on your body, besides knowing its contents, start with small doses and consume it slowly because the effects also depend on the delivery method. For example, smoking cannabis will be fast-acting as compared to chewing some cannabis gums.

Since hundreds of cannabis products are available in the market and there are numerous delivery methods, knowing the factors to consider for proper selection will help to get the right product without any confusion. To start with, consider your body system first by drawing from previous experiences to understand what kind of effect marijuana might have on you. Then consider the other factors.

The THC level in cannabis

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the most prominent cannabinoid strain in marijuana, a psychoactive and intoxicating substance. Its level determines the potency of marijuana of its capability to produce high. The percentage or amount of THC present in the product determines its potency. The kind of experience you are likely to have with cannabis depends on the THC content. Start low and gradually increase the THC level by understanding how well your body tolerates it and the effect it produces.

CBD level in cannabis

CBD is another active cannabinoid in the marijuana plant and exists alongside THC.  However, CBD is not psychoactive and does not have any intoxicating effect. When CBD and THC are present in equal proportions (1:1), it can minimize the effects of THC to some extent. However, if you need marijuana to support your health only, you must choose a product high on CBD, about 4% to 9%, and minimal or no THC traces. Check the CBD content f the product that can vary between manufacturers and the products too.

Scents and flavors

Many cannabis plants contain terpenes, a compound that adds flavors and scents to marijuana, and the level of terpenes varies according to the cannabis species. Moreover, many believe that terpenes contribute more than adding flavors and aromas and may have other effects. But there is no doubt that it affects your experience of consuming marijuana and could influence your choice if you start loving any particular aroma or flavor.

The choice of the product, which is available in various forms like buds, leaves, gums, tinctures, ointment, cream, and tablets and films, will depend on how you consume it. Therefore, deciding first the manner of consumption will ease the process of product selection.