The Safari Checklist: 6 Things You Should Never Forget To Pack

You have waited for months, or even years and your long-awaited safari is now here. You are psychologically and physically prepared for the fun ahead, and you are feeling great!

In your mind, all you need to do is board that plane and head to the safari destination of your dreams!

But have you remembered to pack everything? Well, it’s time to check your travel bag and ensure you have the following things:

Passport and other travel documents

The reason why you are going for a safari is because you want to get away from your normal daily routine and have fun at its peak. Nonetheless, you need to realize that you will need to identify yourself wherever you go, and this is where your passport will come in handy.

Don’t forget that most, if not all, countries will treat you like an illegal immigrant if you are unable to identify yourself. Therefore, carry your passport with you. For ease of movement, don’t leave your travel documents wherever you go.

Prescription and preventive meds

In case you fall ill in the middle of your safari, you might find yourself in a foreign hospital bed. This is the last thing you want to happen to you, right? Therefore, as you pack your luggage, don’t forget to put prescription drugs at the top of your priority list. Ensure you have enough drugs of each type to last you for the entire safari.

Remember to carry preventive pharmaceuticals just in case the unexpected happens, such as heartburn, diarrhea, sore throat, and insect bites.

Camera and binoculars

You need to capture every minute during your safari. Therefore, remember to pack your camera. You can take pictures with your smartphone, but you don’t want to stop recording a video so that you can pick that important call. Therefore, invest in a good camera beforehand. Also, don’t forget a good pair of binoculars that will bring the fun closer to your eyes.

Clothes and toiletries

Look at the amount of time you will spend on your safari, and pack clothes accordingly.

You need to first check with your travel agent, who will advise you on the weight restriction you will face if your safari involves light flights.

However, you don’t need to panic if you carry a few clothes. Most safari camps have same-day laundry services; thus, you don’t need to change clothes every day you are on a safari.

For toiletries, you need to carry enough to last you the entire safari. Buy as much as you can, but don’t forget to check the weight restrictions for the international airline you will travel with.


Even though you will not use your phone at all times during your safari, you will need to communicate with your loved ones every once in a while; thus, you should not forget to include it in your travel essentials.

Apart from communication and entertainment, your smartphone will help you in finding out critical information on the web, such as how to bet on the Kentucky Derby or how to make your safari more exciting.

Make sure that the smartphone you carry along has been unlocked to work in all countries around the world to avoid frustrations.

Finally…layering is essential

Wearing clothes in layers is one of the best ways to survive the changing temperatures during a safari. When the temperatures rise during the day, you can peel off one layer, and when they fall in the evening, you can put them back on. That said, below are some of the essentials you must pack for your safari:

  • Warm jacket or fleece
  • Shirt, blouse, or t-shirt (choose long-sleeved and collared pieces since they will protect you from mosquitos and the scorching sun)
  • Hat
  • A pair of open shoes for daytime use
  • Warm trousers (those that zip off at the knees are great since you can convert them into shorts during daytime)
  • Swimsuit
  • Undergarments
  • Comfortable walking shoes

Hopefully, this article will help you make the right decisions when packing for your next safari. Good luck!