Don’t Worry about Mileage Limits When Leasing a Car

Perhaps, the main reason why you hesitate about leasing a car is because of the mileage limit, which is a part of the terms. It’s a bummer to know that you can’t use the vehicle any time you want and for as long as you want. However, you also need to understand why car dealers or owners have to impose this rule for leased vehicles. They don’t want you to overuse the car and turn it into a useless car at the end of the lease. After your contract, someone else has to use the vehicle.

Before you decide to cancel your plans for leasing a car, you need to understand what you’re getting in return. Firstly, you don’t need to pay high monthly auto loan fees. Leasing is a lot cheaper. You can use a car for all your needs without ruining your finances.

Another advantage is that if you dislike the vehicle, you can decide to return it once the lease is over. There’s no need to extend the contract if you weren’t happy with its performance. When you buy a car, you have no choice but to keep using it even if it’s not what you want, or you’ve had repair issues along the way.

You might not travel long distances all the time 

There’s no need to consider the mileage limit if you’re only going to use the car for basic tasks. Going to and from work within the city won’t use up the mileage limit. Even when you have to go shopping at the end of each week or head to a local spa. Travelling to a neighbouring city won’t use up your mileage limit either. As long as you don’t take the vehicle to distant cities, it’s okay.

You can request more mileage

Before you sign the deal, you might want to ask about more mileage first. It could lead to higher monthly payments, but you know your needs better. Some dealers allow you to negotiate the right offer. Before you do, you need to ensure that you will use the allocated mileage, or it will be useless.

Be aware of how much you use on average

Once you sign the deal and start using the car, you need to be aware of how much you use the vehicle on average. Then, you can adjust your usage if you think you will go beyond the limits before the lease expires.

Check the penalties

If you go beyond what you agreed in the contract, it’s possible that will you suffer sanctions. The amount could be high, so you need to stop using the car if you’re close to the mileage limit.

Given how much you will save by leasing a car and your ability to choose from new models, it’s not a terrible deal. You can consider cheap car lease deals and read the terms before you sign. Drive carefully and always be conscious of the mileage used.