How to maintain your vehicle

Regular maintenance on your vehicle helps it to perform better and ensure its longer life. You should never neglect your car at any time. Equipping your vehicle with a 263xhd transfer case helps them handle well on slippery and wet surfaces and speed efficiently. Ensure you inspect it regularly.

Below are ways of maintaining your vehicle to prolong its life. And for professional car care and repair, entrust your car to expert cairns car mechanics

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Maintain your car’s battery.

If you do not drive your car for a long period, its battery will be flat and degrade. You can consider using a trickle charger to top up your battery if you leave your car in the garage for a very long time or your battery conditioner holds less charge than normal.

If your battery goes flat, jump-starting your car can add additional pressure to the battery and can damage the engine system and other electronics in the car. Ensure you drive your vehicle at least once a week if possible, especially during winter.

Change filters often.

Your vehicles’ air filter or air filter can clog over time; hence it is essential to change them regularly. You should replace them as part of your car servicing routine. Replacing your filters is a simple job, and you might consider doing it on your own to save money on labor costs.

Cleaning your filters can help them last longer. Check your handbook to learn how to clean and change filters. Ensure you buy genuine parts because poor-quality and cheap filters might damage your car’s engine.

Top up fluids frequently.

Fluids are your vehicle’s life, and if you do not refill them, you may have serious consequences. Check your car’s engine oil level once a day by opening the bonnet and taking out the dipstick. Use a rag to wipe it and then dip it.  When you remove it out, the oil level should be between the minimum and maximum levels, and a light yellow-brown color if your car uses a petrol engine. Replace dark and dirty engine oil.

Diesel engine accumulates soot as a part of its normal combustion process, so it is normal for you to see dark-colored oil if your car uses a diesel engine. You should also check the coolant reservoir, fill it with 5o percent distilled water and 50 percent antifreeze, and the windscreen washer bottle. Avoid using washing up liquid as it contains additives and salt, which can destroy the paintwork.

Check the tires.

Tires are the most important safety feature in your car; checking them may save your life. Under-inflated tires increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption. You should top them up every time to the right pressure to save money. Use your car handbook to know the right pressure for your tires.

Tyre pressure might be different for the back tire and the front tires. You can swap the rear tires for the front tires and vice versa to increase their durability. However, you should put the least worn tires for your back axle safety concerns as you can manage the loss of grip in the front easier than rear-end slide.

Avoid modifying your car.

Modifying your vehicle can shorten its life and make it less reliable. If you switch the engine for more power adds extra strain to other features like brakes if you drive faster. Sportier and stiffer suspension causes the tear to bushes, subframes, and chassis. You will spend a lot of money on modifications, but you will not increase your car’s value. Instead, you will be decreasing its value. Depreciation is the biggest loss involved in running a car, and it might reduce your car’s value during resale.

Clean your car.

Washing your car is not in vanity, but it increases your car’s life. Gravel enters your car’s moving parts, and chassis causing speeded corrosion and wear. Bird stools can mess paintwork, and winter road salt is very corrosive. Automated car washes have hard brushes that might leave scratches on your car and might also miss some spots. You should consider hand washes as they do a good job washing your car. You can also clean it yourself.

Remember to use a good cleaning solution and do a pre-rinse before taking a deeper clean. Keep the inside of your vehicle clean with a microfiber cloth and remove any dirt on the floor mat. Use a protective spray on the dashboard plastics to prevent rusting and discoloration. Placing a sunshade on sunny days can be helpful too.

Bottom line.

You need to take care of your vehicle to prolong its life. Change its filters regularly. Avoid leaving your car for too long in the garage and drive it at least once a week. Cleaning your car is very important to ensure there is no corrosion. Also, avoid modifying it as modifications can decrease its value.