Custom Harley Davidson for Sale in Australia: A Buying Guide

Buying your first custom harley davidson for sale australia is usually scary but exciting, especially the moment you fire it up, feeling its V-twin, and riding off with it. Owning a Harley Davidson is a big decision, but before you buy that piece that has caught your fancy, we have prepared a simple buying guide to make the purchase as seamless as possible.

What to Consider Before Buying a Custom Harley Davidson

Have you been dreaming of acquiring a custom Harley Davidson for sale in Australia? Here are a few things to consider before making that purchase.

Be Honest About Your Riding Ability

It’d be best if you’re honest about your riding ability. Are you a seasoned rider or a first-timer? Also, consider your intentions for the Harley Davidson if you wish to use it as a commuter rig, regular transportation, touring the country, or weekend joyrides with friends. You can compare your Harley Davidson to a finely tailored suit. Thus, it’s necessary to get one that suits your riding ability, ergonomics, intentions, and personal style. This measure is crucial because certain Harleys work best for specific situations.

Decide on a Budget

The next step is to consider your budget. This practice will help decide what motorcycles you can afford since a higher category implies an increased price. Ensure to have a set rate in your mind before stepping into a dealership. It’d be best to do some research, consider checking the company’s website to get an idea of their retail price. There are also opportunities to tweak your desired motorcycle with options like security systems, anti-lock brakes, and various paint schemes. Armed with the price knowledge, you can negotiate with the dealer and avoid getting cheated.

Buy at a Dealership

When trying to buy a road king special for sale in Australia, like a Harley Davidson motorcycle, ensure not to go for one that has been parked for too long, which could have cracked gaskets and seals, rusted fuel tank, broken frame, janky wires, or clogged fuel lines. However, buying a fairly used one from a Harley dealership ensures you’re going home with a serviced and reconditioned motorcycle. You might even get a limited warranty, although for an extra fee. However, buying new Harley Davidsons for sale in Australia comes with a full warranty.

Browse Around Before Buying

It’d be best if you check several dealerships to get an idea of the various Harley Davidson motorcycles in Australia before deciding on the one to choose depending on your want and the price. You can decide to go days before your buying date to remove any confusion in making choices. Consider checking out nearby dealerships online, and scan their websites for the models they have. You can also request information on it before going to the dealership to examine it before purchase.

Watch Out for Hidden Fees

Ensure to watch out for hidden fees during the negotiation process and carefully scan the invoice. Setup charges and added freight are standard fees a buyer should pay but make sure documentation, administrative, and handling fees aren’t added to the sales price.


Becoming an owner of a Harley Davidson is a rite of passage for motorcycle enthusiasts, bringing with it a sense of pride. Manufactured by a renowned company for over a century, Harley Davidson is the world’s most famous motorcycle brand. So get one, go out, ride, and explore your world.