Everyday Style Tips for College Girls

For most young ladies, college may be the first time they really explore and experiment with their individual style. For those starting to build their college wardrobe, the sheer amount of options could get overwhelming, and some may have no idea what’s appropriate to wear or what may be over-the-top. Here’s a handy list of style tips for ladies about to enter university.

1. Jeans and leggings are wardrobe essentials

In college, you could be dashing from one building to another just so you won’t be late for your next class, but that doesn’t mean you’ll completely abandon style for comfort. A nice pair of jeans or women’s leggings go well with any outfit while still comfortable enough to run in if you need to.

2. Accessorize

Keeping a good variety of accessories can help freshen up your day-to-day outfit. A wide belt and a gold name necklace can completely transform a plain white sundress, as does topping off a t-shirt and jeans combo with tassel earrings. Stock up on clothes that match with different outfits, then collect pieces that elevate the overall outfit like handbags, belts, caps, watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and so on.

3. Buy a well-fitted blazer and slacks

In college, you may be asked to deliver formal presentations or start attending interviews for internships, so it’s always a good idea to have business attire at the ready. Dark colors like black and navy are good for versatility and practicality, but you’re welcome to use beige or khaki. You can also shake it up with pastels or plaids. Partner this with a crisp white button-up and heels you’re comfortable walking in.

4. Keep a good variety of shoes

Shoes really tie your whole outfit together, so a good variety of styles can help your wardrobe be more versatile. Heels are good for formal events, while wedges, sandals, sneakers, and flats are good for everyday wear. Buy a pair of boots as well if you’re studying somewhere that has fall and winter.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment with makeup

Some may debate that high school is a bit too young to be wearing makeup, but college is definitely the chance for you to freely wear whatever makeup look you want. There isn’t a shortage of parties and events in a college student’s life, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try out anything from a subtle, everyday look to a more colorful and eccentric look. This is also a chance to find out what products work for you. Cosmetics work differently for different people, so you can personally test which specific brands and formulas best suit your skin.

College may be a nerve-wracking prospect, but wearing a great outfit can help you face those first few days with some much-needed confidence. Remember that you define your own style and that we’re only offering advice. Feel free to experiment as much as you want. Fashion is all about freedom and creativity, so take this time to really explore your fashion sense and aesthetic.