Buddina Holiday Rentals: Why Buddhina Should Be Your Next Holiday Location

Queensland is an Australian pride. This second largest state in the “Land Down Under” is considered a paradise for both locals and foreigners. Aside from its pristine beaches and tropical islands, the Sunshine state boasts of having five World Heritage-listed sites. Whether you’re looking for a chill destination to relax or a spot to indulge in exciting activities, Queensland got you covered.

This capital city of Brisbane is about 1.8 million square kilometres with a population of more than 5 million. Thanks to its undeniable charm, the tourism industry remains stronger than ever. In 2020 alone, record shows that over 22 million domestic and international overnight visitors came to Queensland. There are many must-see Queensland locations but one place worth exploring is Buddina. Let’s take a look at why you should consider booking Buddina holiday rentals for your next trip.

More About Buddina, Queensland

One of the thriving suburbs in the Sunshine Coast is Buddina. Vacationers are welcomed to the sight of the Pacific Ocean which this picturesque resort town faces on its eastern half. The small island only has a population of 6,500. This makes it a perfect retreat for people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Make your vacation more memorable by booking beach-front Sunshine Coast houses for holiday rental. Getting used to the aroma of fresh air, the sound of the tides and waves crashing, and the jaw-dropping sea views will make you want to extend your stay longer!

What to Do in Buddina?

What to Do in Buddina

This coastal suburb may not be as vast as its neighbouring communities but it offers guests fun and relaxation. Step out of your holiday rental accommodation and try these things while in Buddina:

Enjoy Various Water Activities in Kawana Beach

Queensland is known for its abundance of sandy, tropical beaches, and Buddina is no exception. People book beach holiday rentals in Buddina to explore the clean white sand and crystal clear waters of Kawana Beach. It offers superb surfing breaks ideal for surfing enthusiasts. Of course, you can also swim, surf fish, and try other kinds of water activities. When famished, there are restaurants and bars in the area.

Journey Into Point Cartwright

At the northern end of Kawana Beach is Point Cartwright. It is also regarded for its surfing point break but be careful as the beach is un-patrolled. Admire panoramic views from the top of the hill or the lighthouse. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars to catch sightings of humpback whales, turtles, and dolphins. For sure, you’ll also be amazed at the lighthouse’s aquatic-themed mural.

Stroll Along La Balsa Park

La Balsa Park is the ultimate place to unwind and just de-stress. This scenic spot is located close to Point Cartwright and right on the entrance to the Mooloolah River. The area is so captivating that it’s even used as a setting for weddings and other events. While in this park, kids are free to play in the playground while the adults get busy preparing barbecue. Before heading home to your Buddina holiday rentals, make sure to spend some quiet time while watching over passing yachts and the spectacular sunset.

Shop at Kawana Shoppingworld

Buddina is home to the Kawana Shoppingworld shopping centre. With more than 160 specialty retailers, as well as restaurants and cinemas, this mall is known as one of the largest shopping centres on the Sunshine Coast. This shopping centre serves as a resting point for those who want to take a break from all the beach and park activities. Look for holiday rentals QLD near this mall so you can have easy access to restaurants, boutique stores, and more.


Searching for a hideaway to take a few days of break? Buddina is the answer. This uncrowded suburb is part of Sunshine Coast’s long stretch of magnificent beaches. Book one of those Buddina holiday rentals to unfold what this hidden gem has to offer.

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