The transition of reflective clothing from industrial use to fashion design

Reflective clothing has been an item of industrial clothing to ensure the safety of employees by protecting them from accidents.  Many accidents, especially in outdoor settings, occur due to poor visibility of the victim getting hit by a running vehicle.  Reflective clothing has some special luminescent properties that make it shine in the dark. In addition, the way that approaching vehicles can identify the person wearing a reflective jacket from some distance helps avoid any accident.

Breaking into the fashion arena

The above illustrates one of the most innovative, practical, and striking uses of reflective clothing. But with time, the innovative ideas of fashion designers have given a new identity to industrial clothing, which is now a vital fashion fabric. The transition of reflective clothing from the industrial arena to the fashion world has been dramatic as we find its wider applications in contemporary fashion when browsing the website of Lcamero. The new genre of reflective clothing triggers the creativity of fashion designers who are ready to experiment with anything unusual and make it an object of mainstream fashion.

Creating luxurious designs

Fashion designers have the eye for looking beyond the practical use of reflective fabrics by harnessing the fabric’s qualities to turn it into luxurious designs that are prestigious fashion items of sports brands and major fashion houses. Moreover, as the reflective fashion fabrics catch more people’s attention, they are ready to use them for commuting too by banking on its styling and attractiveness of the design.

Today, jackets made from reflective clothing and designed by some creative fashion designers are in much demand because of the versatility of the fabric that suits various kinds of designs and provides more options to fashion designers to create unique pieces of clothing.

Here are some of the new kinds of reflective fabric that are popular for creating trendsetting fashion.

Rainbow reflective fabric

The reflective fabric used for fashion design is special because the focus is more on fashion than its practical use. The rainbow reflective fabric has all the rainbow colors and has glass beds embedded in the fabric that reflects the light that falls on it to create an array of splendid colors. The fabric is so stunning and eye-catching that no fashion designer wants to keep away from exploring its beauty.

Perforated reflective fabric

Most of the reflective fabric is synthetic as its increases the luminosity of the fabric. But when using it for fashion, designers use luminosity as part of the design instead of looking at its safety aspect. In addition, it allows them to experiment with a new type of reflective clothing that has perforations, making the material breathable and comfortable to wear in warmer climates.

Outer shell reflective fabric

The clothing has high-grade optical glass beads coated with aluminum on one side adhered to it that creates a dazzlingly reflective surface. The wearer keeps glowing continuously as light reflects from the surface of the base fabric that consists of nylon, chiffon, spandex, etc., that has soft touch.

The creativity of fashion designers and their style goals influence the choice of fabrics.