Benefits of Serviced Apartment Lifestyle

Serviced apartments are a quick living solution for many. Whether you are traveling with family or alone, or you want a temporary living place or maybe you are on the lookout for a serviced space for your adults; assisted living in a serviced apartment can be considered.

Over the passage of time, people have started preferring serviced apartments over hotels as they are much more comfortable and spacious.

A serviced apartment feels like home. The only difference is that you don’t have to invest any effort into its maintenance. They come along with dedicated house maintenance experts and healthcare professionals to help the elderly, who opt for assisted living.

Wondering why this might be a great consideration to make for your grandparents or maybe your parents, instead of a retirement home? Or why you might skip the idea of booking a hotel for your next trip and consider a serviced apartment instead? Let’s help you.

Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Here are some potential benefits that come along with serviced apartments. And we are confident that you will feel convinced to book it, in the future.

1. Spacious

The luxury of space is one of the biggest advantages of a serviced apartment. From studio apartments to simply, one-bedroom spaces; serviced apartments come in different styles, catering to various needs. These apartments are definitely more spacious than hotel rooms and have exceptional service too.

2. Value for Money

Serviced apartments are quite cost-effective. They are “way too” expensive. And if you are traveling with your family, spending on various hotel rooms can cost you a lot. This is where a serviced apartment provides you with great value for money.

3. Peace of Mind

If you are looking out for an assisted place for your adults, a serviced apartment brings great peace of mind. In today’s world, where a pandemic has skyrocketed the uncertainty, being content with a place for your elders can be challenging. But with a serviced apartment, you can be at peace, knowing that it has all the essentialities that one requires, for a comfortable life. The apartment is regularly sanitized and cleaned by the housekeepers and hygiene is definitely not an issue.

4. Personalized Services

What can be better than a personalized service for your grandparents that requires a lot of medical attention? And even if you are choosing a serviced apartment for your family trip; tailoring the experience, according to your preferences, is certainly a luxury.

5. Get all Facilities

The biggest perk of a serviced apartment is that it comes in with all the facilities that you would need. If you are planning to stay here for long, facilities like an in-house gym, spa, swimming pool, and an eatery are definitely a catch. Also, with an in-built kitchen, you can easily eat in and clean too.


With absolutely no fuss or mess involved, serviced apartments have some great perks to offer. Always walk into a clean and tidy space, getting all the basic amenities of life, at just a simple call.