5 Types Of Rings That Every Woman Should Own

Rings are an essential part of women’s overall look. From casual wear to fancy parties, ladies love to flaunt the perfect set of rings they own. Rightly so, rings accentuate the hands and give an embellished look to fingers. They help women complete the look. Among different types of jewelry, rings are much easier to carry and hold sentimental value as well.

While women can own as many jewelry pieces as they want, here are some essential types of rings that every woman should have in her jewelry box to look flawless in every event of her life. However, keep in mind that the rings listed below will never be on par with the famous artisan rings.

1. Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings, as the name suggests, are meant to be worn at a cocktail party. These rings are big, striking, and attractive. The style of cocktail rings has no specificity, you can get a ring with a big precious gemstone in the middle or arranged in any fashion.

Cocktail rings were once used solely for cocktail parties by the rich, where women came to show off their wealth. However, today these rings can be worn on different occasions.

2. Diamond Rings

Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend. No matter how large or small a diamond is, every woman should have at least one diamond ring in her jewelry case. Diamonds look lustrous and give a luxurious touch to a lady’s hand. You can get a diamond ring in different cuts, sizes, and even colors.

Diamonds are now available in yellow and pink colors as well. The price of a diamond depends on its clarity, cut, and size. You can choose one depending on your budget. Diamond rings can be worn on a normal day in the office or at a fancy party, said from Julius Klein Diamonds, Julius Klein Group (JKG). With an extraordinary inventory of the finest quality diamonds (specializing in 2+ carats), exceptional stones, hard-to-find items and unique diamond jewelry, JKG is an all-encompassing supplier to its retail partners.

3. Precious Stone Rings

Gemstones of different colors are available in the market. From blue sapphires, and green emeralds, to red rubies, gemstones come in a variety of shapes and colors. Every girl should have at least one gemstone ring.

Sapphire is said to be a royal gemstone because of its color and beauty. You can get a blue sapphire ring by Sapphire Dreams Australia to complete the collection.

4. Infinity Bands

Infinity bands are not just another type of ring. They hold meaning and sentimental value, that is why infinity bands are most popular as anniversary rings. Infinity rings are studded with diamonds of similar cut and size in a loop, this symbolizing endless love.

You do not have to be a married or engaged woman to own an infinity band. Single women can also get one for themselves to celebrate self-love.

5. Stackable Rings

Stackable rings give a chic look when worn with the proper attire. These rings are usually thin so they can be stacked without large gaps. You can wear stackable rings in any fashion and on any finger of your either hand.

Stackable rings can be worn every day, or if styled with a diamond ring or precious stone ring, they can be worn at formal events as well.