Beginner’s Simplified Guide to Automatically Transcribe Product Video to Text

These days, software and applications that automatically convert video to text are in high demand. Putting text in videos can help the viewers relate more to your content. Simply, it can establish a great connection between you and the viewers, especially if they have hearing disabilities. 

When you transcribe online audio to text, you make your video accessible to the deaf and hard-of-hear community as well. Additionally, it will also be convenient for people who are not native English-speakers. They will understand the content more with the captions provided in your video.

Most people also watch videos without audio when they are traveling and in public spaces. Closed captions such as transcriptions can be helpful in this manner. People can watch your videos anytime and anywhere. 

Video transcriptions are also highly applicable for start-up workers. In addition, it can boost your search engine ranking to reach more audiences through your content. 

You must be wondering about how transcriptions and subtitles differ. Transcription has more accurate captions, which is called CC or closed captions. Transcriptions include non-verbal sounds such as [coughing] and [sighing]. In short, transcriptions are purely verbatim. 

Make sure that your chosen software is the right fit for your needs. Accuracy is the most crucial factor in transcription. The actual audio may be misinterpreted when you choose transcription software with lower accuracy results. 

Also, make sure that the software is user-friendly. You will be using this transcription software for a long time, so you might as well choose a software that has user-friendly features. Nothing beats software that you can manage easily without worries. 

There are also a lot of factors to consider in choosing your transcription application such as for Mixteco translation. Here is a guide for a comparison of the different transcription software that you can consider. They are proven to transcribe your video into text quickly. Some of the software is widely used all over the world by big organizations and companies. 


This software helps you to convert the audio on your videos to text. This can be done by professionals or by machine generators. However, human generators are more accurate. When you use this option, your output has a 99% accuracy compared to machine generators which have an accuracy of 80%. 

Another advantage is that this software allows you to work on your content securely with a fast turnaround time. You will be amazed by the speedy delivery of your content. 

How does it work? All you have to do is paste a URL from the web, and Rev can easily transcribe your content for you. Easy, right? It only takes a few minutes to get your output done. 

However, this is not as accurate as human generators. The price you have to pay for human generators is higher than machine generators but what you are paying for is the accuracy of your content, especially if you have a podcast


Riverside.Fm automatically transcribes your work into text. You can avail of this service as a part of their Pro Plan. You do not have to hire someone to transcribe a podcast or any video. 

All you have to do is to upload your video and wait for your transcript to be ready. This software is perfect for long time use. As this is not available for single-time use, you need a pro subscription to use their services. If you choose to settle with this kind of transcription service, it will be worth it if you plan to transcribe a series of videos consistently. 


Amberscript is another software that automatically transcribes your video into text. In addition, Amberscript has automatic speech recognition, which can help you save hours of transcription time. They also claim to have the fastest turnaround time among its competitors. 

Amberscript can also convert into various formats such as Word, VTT, and JSON and translate into 39 languages. So it’s an excellent solution for the language barrier if your video targets viewers abroad.

This software runs in a very secure facility with a backup making it the go-to software in large corporations.

Happy Scribe

Over 100,000 users have used this software thanks to its efficiency and fast turnaround time. Happy Scribe also has various languages and accents in its program. Through Happy Scribe, you can also choose between human and machine generators. 

When you choose a machine generator, you can get your transcript with 85% accuracy immediately. When you choose a human generator, you won’t be able to get your transcript immediately, but the accuracy of the work gets as high as 99%. They also have proofreaders who ensure the quality of the transcript. Happy Scribe is indeed helpful for people who do podcasts, researchers, and content creators as well. 

Type Studio

This tool is used by big corporations such as Yamaha, Microsoft, and Hootsuite. It can store your transcripts and finished work. You just have to upload your video then the software will automatically transcribe it into text. The fantastic thing is that you can automatically embed the transcript into your blog. So if you want to repurpose your videos as articles, then this is the perfect software for you.

Looking for a software to transcribe your videos can be overwhelming. This is why you should compare them and consider if the features fit your needs to reach your long-term goals. Take the time to shop around.