Brand Manager And Sales Manager: 2 Business Essential Persons

As a small business grows, it increasingly requires the input of professionals to manage its image and sales strategy. That’s when it becomes necessary to consider hiring a brand manager and a sales manager. But if you want to make sure that your business will become successful, the key is to create management accounts. Visit site here and read a comprehensive guide about management accounts. 

While hiring professionals add value to your business, it doesn’t come cheap. Small businesses on a growth trajectory can look up to lenders for small business loans to help them hire these essential resources.  

But why exactly do you need to spend on these resources? Read on to learn more. 


What Is A Brand Manager?

A brand manager is responsible for developing a brand strategy for a business. Brand managers ensure the company sticks to its branding in its marketing campaigns, communication, product development, and online and offline promotions. 

What Is A Sales Manager?

A sales manager is the person responsible for developing and running the sales strategy of a business. Typically, the salesperson leads in the recruitment of sales staff and oversees the implementation of a sales strategy to achieve the organization’s sales targets within the agreed timelines. 

When Do You Need To Hire These People?

Hiring a brand manager and a sales manager helps drive business performance in several ways:

1. Market research and sales growth

A sales manager develops a strategy based on market research and recruits a sales team to make forays into new markets. This helps to grow business revenues and the overall productivity of the business.

Market research plays a crucial role in product development and pricing. 

2. Improved brand perception

You may have an excellent product but it takes branding to stand out amidst the stiff competition. A compelling brand proposition captivates the attention of the market and drives a product.

3. Specialization

Not all business owners are excellent salespeople. They may come up with a winning product but struggle with sales and branding. Hiring a sales manager shifts these responsibilities from the business owner who can concentrate on their area of strength. They will focus on recruiting and supervising the sales team. 

4. Strategic networks

Sales and brand managers bring a wealth of experience and are a rich networking resource for the organization. These networks can create valuable linkages with new customers, service providers, and suppliers. 

Benefits To Hiring A Brand Manager And A Sales Manager

1. Strategic sales mobilization

A sales manager assesses existing products and the markets they target and draws up a sales plan to reach those markets effectively. They then deploy salespeople to cover different territories and prospects to meet sales targets. Also they evaluate the performance of sales campaigns against projections and finetune them for better marketing ROI in the future.

2. Better product development

Sales and brand managers interact with customers, thereby collecting valuable feedback regarding the performance of a company’s products. By providing this information to product development teams, they can develop products relevant to the market. 

3. Penetration into new markets

The extensive contacts and connections experienced sales and brand managers will help the business tap into new markets and grow revenues exponentially. They can also leverage their research skills to explore potentially viable markets, industries, and opportunities. 

4. Brand promotion

Brand managers help in packaging a business and its products to stand out in a crowded market. A strong brand sells more easily and commands superior pricing and can also capture new territory easily.

5. Motivating sales staff

An energized sales force is the missing link in many small businesses. Sales managers develop appropriate incentives that drive performance. They may motivate salespeople by way of commissions, bonuses, recognition, or promotions. 

The projected revenues of having a motivated sales team may justify your need to spend a little more or reach out for small business loans to hire these essential resources.


A sales and a brand manager are essential resources that have the potential to supercharge the performance of any business. Investing in them can promote your business into a strong brand that outpaces the competition. Do not hesitate to apply for small business loans to support your hiring plans to have these valuable hands-on boards.