A Man’s Guide to Wristwatches: How to Know What Watch to Buy

The advancement of technology has led to many inventions of watches. The variety has led to choosing the right time gadget to wear to be a difficult task, especially for first-time buyers. Different styles and brands of watches are now on the market to choose from, depending on your preferences. As a man, you shouldn’t go for any watch. There are several watch factors you need to consider before settling for a particular brand or style. This men’s watch guide will help you select the best timepiece that will compliment your style.  A specific event or situation will require another approach too. You must be careful with which type of watch you are going to wear on a particular occasion. You can read the watch guides on SpotTheWatch about this.

Get the Right Size

Size matters in choosing the best watch to match your outfit. You need to get a timepiece of the right size that will compliment your style. It should not be extra-large or too small for your wrist since it will look weird. Besides fitting, you also need to check the watch face and ensure it matches your body shape. Big-bodied individuals with large wrists require large-faced watches and vice versa. Most stylists recommend getting a small clock that averages between 34mm – 50mm. Going for a size larger than this isn’t necessary unless it’s for a specific purpose or event.

Get a Classy Watch With a Minimalistic Design

A first-timer must get a classy watch with a minimalistic design for use on several occasions. Elegant and minimalistic designs are versatile and can go with any wear or event. For example, a military G-shock watch can complement any outfit and require no change from time to time. You can wear the watch each day without having troubles of looking weird. Such watches are ideal for individuals who don’t wear watches regularly and also for those who have little budgets to buy several watches. The versatility of these watches gives you value for your money since its one timepiece for several outfits.

Get a Classy Watch With a Minimalistic Design

Consider its Movements

There are two common types of watch movements; mechanical and quartz movements. To differentiate the two, you need to check on the second pointer movement. Mechanical second movements have a smooth motion while the quartz movement has a tick-tick tendency highlighting every second. Famous brands have mechanical watch movements, and they are the preferred modes by most people. There are no differences in their functioning and what you chose depends on the availability, brand, and preference.

Your Budget

After checking the above qualities, you need to check on your budget and see the kind of watch you can afford. Watches come from different brands, sizes, and grades. Each of these factors determines its price in any market system. Considering your budget does not mean you should go for the cheapest quality. Get a watch that you can afford, but ensure it compliments your style and matches your personality. Chronometers are long-term investments, and their use isn’t much of a necessity. You can create some savings and get something that’s worth the price. The watch can determine how people will look at you. Get a good brand that offers quality at an affordable price.

This guide highlights everything that you need to consider before getting yourself a new watch. When buying, consider going to a reputable seller so that you get a genuine brand other than generic or imitation. We do hope this guide comes in handy in your purchasing decision.