4 Things You Need to Do Before Winter

The summer months are well behind us, and we are steadily making it through fall and into the winter. With that in mind, you need to start thinking about how to get ready for winter. No more shorts, instead, coats and mitts.

All of this can feel like a bummer, but it gives you a good time to consider how you can be smart with your preparation, specifically, how to prep your home. Getting winterized is a very smart thing to prevent any damages or maintenance costs that could easily be avoided. Check out these 4 ways to be prepared for the winter.

1. Repair and Maintain Your Roof

The first line of defense against a lot of winter damage comes from your roof. Snow and water build-up will really damage your home if it accumulates too much. This can weigh down on shingles and harm the roof and leak in. You can learn more here about other problems that can harm your roof, especially eavestroughs. The amount of water and snow that builds throughout the winter can be tremendous, especially if you do not clear it off, and it can even damage your siding along with the roof. All of these issues can cost you big bucks, so now is a great time to patch any holes, repair shingles, or support your gutters.

2. Winterize Your Equipment

Your home equipment, like lawnmowers, whipper snippers, or other motorized tools, also need to be protected from the elements. In the winter, frost and freezing temperatures can damage gears, cause rust, or freeze gas inside a tank. Removing all of the gas from your tools is the first step. You also want to wrap them in a tarp or something to keep as much cold out from coming into contact with the inner motor. Insulating your garage or your shed are good things to commit to as well, but if you do not have enough time to do so before winter hits, then wrapping them up and storing them somewhere dry is the best option.

3. Weatherstrip and Seal Windows

Keeping your home nice and toasty is the best thing you can do in the winter. To achieve this, you need to weatherstrip and seal windows. Much like insulating the walls and roof of your home, you need to keep heat sealed in, and the cracks in windows or doors are where this can be most troublesome. These cracks are many throughout the home so heat can slip out, and cold air can slip in. This helps you keep the home warm, but another major benefit is that you will be saving money on your energy bill. Utility bills can be a huge issue in the winter, so sealing up these small cracks or spaces by properly fitting your windows and doors will allow you to keep the money in your pocket and keep the cold out.

4. Trim Your Trees and Branches

Another big problem that needs to be addressed when you get prepared for the winter is to trim the branches and trees around your home. It may seem like something that is not necessary, but winter brings some pretty strong and unpredictable weather. The most damage that can be done is from wind and snow. Strong wind can knock branches onto your roof or into your gutters, but the worst of it can be knocking down the entire tree. This can fall on a car, the roof, or damage power lines and cut your power. Improperly maintained trees around your yard can be a big problem, and the snow that accumulates can be damaging as well. If you need to prepare for winter, this is a good way to do it.

Additional Preparation

Those 4 things you need to do are important, but to add on, there are still other concerns. Winter tires, proper winter clothing (hats, gloves, boots, coat) are mandatory, and you need to insulate any tubing or PEX manifold piping for plumbing and heating. With all of these additional preparation considerations made, you will be completely set for the upcoming winter season.

The winter is a long, cold, and troublesome season when you are not prepared. There is a lot that needs to be done to make sure you are ready, and a lot of it has to do with you and your home. Winter clothing is a must, but so is insulating the home and sealing up the cracks around the house. With this list, you can be sure that everything is checked off and good to go before old man winter makes an appearance.