A Look at 4 Different Career Paths

For many people, the job they do defines a massive portion of their life. Many people even define themselves entirely by their chosen profession. They might not even be so far off.

It only makes sense that different personality types gravitate toward different career paths. For those who enjoy helping people, careers in medicine, teaching, or social work make sense. People who enjoy organization and leadership can often be found in the business world or management.

The great news is that career possibilities are nearly limitless. There is a perfect career out there for everyone if they’re willing to work for it. If you’re considering a career change or just want to know about four great career paths out there, read on.

1. Helping Professions

If you’re someone who values making a difference, doesn’t mind a stressful work environment, and likes working with people, a career as an adult Nurse Practitioner could be right for you. You could get a collegiate nursing education and work in this advanced practice field within a few years if you’ve already completed a bachelor’s degree program. If you are already a medical doctor you can also consider an online job for physicians.

For people without advanced degrees who want to work their way up in the medical field, there’s no shortage of opportunities there either, at least not in the United States. In the U.S., a certified nursing assistant certification could be earned in under a year and can even be used while working toward that family nurse practitioner final dream.

If you see yourself as someone who enjoys helping, some professional development in teaching, paralegal studies, counselling or therapy could all be right for you, too.

2. Management and Quality Control

Maybe you’re someone who likes to make sure things are running smoothly. Perhaps you have experience in warehouses or other large scale industries. If your background is in equipment management, or you’re familiar with CHEQROOM, a business management or leadership job could be perfect for you. Efficient inventory management is crucial for any business’ supply chain.

If you enjoy numbers and spreadsheets, a great career path for you could be gaining competency in tracking legal stats for a law firm, becoming a data analyst for a health assessment clinic, working for an employment lawyer to check on job conditions, or even connecting with government agencies looking to outsource quality control work.

3. Legal Careers

Making a difference, helping people get justice, or even helping to set rules and regulations are all major perks to careers in law. If you’re someone who isn’t afraid to put the time and money into law school, is able to stay on top of changes, and doesn’t fear conflict, a career in law could be perfect for you. The same as there are many types of criminal lawyers, there are many legal careers, too.

Personal injury lawyers work with more than just their clients and other attorneys. Criminal justice workers at all levels of law enforcement, paralegals, court appointed advocates, and transcriptionists all work within the legal and criminal justice system to make a difference. Whether you prefer paperwork or hands-on jobs, taking the time to research careers in law may pay off if you’re passionate about the legal system and those it serves.

4. Advocacy Work

If you’re environmentally conscious, concerned with issues of social justice, or enjoy putting your energy to things that impact the world, a career in advocacy work or at a non-profit might be right for you. Career paths in environmental law, legal representation of environmental rights organizations, and front line protest and advocacy work are all great fits for people who want change.

Advocacy work doesn’t have to stop with the environment. Other important causes could be related to law enforcement, the criminal justice system, health care rights and benefits, disease prevention or awareness, new laws on violent crimes, or protecting vulnerable populations. If social issues keep you awake at night, an advocacy job could be exactly the career change you need.

At the end of the day, no one should pick your career path but you. Find a path that you feel most passionate about, can afford to explore, and that you think matches the things you’re interested in. Consider your skill sets and important factors about any career like time off, freedom to work without supervision, or deadlines, and a more structured work environment. In taking the time to find a job path right for you based on your personality and things that matter to you, you’ll be well on your way to not only success but greater happiness, too.