7 Dazzling Engagement Rings Inspired by Celebrities

Celebrities in one way, or the other influence the life of people. Their attire becomes fashion among people in no time. The same goes with jewelry, nobody boast more than the biggest celebrities around the globe do. Be it beautiful necklaces, bracelets, teeth caps or engagement rings, our shopping habits are almost controlled (even connected) with the celebrities we love and admire.

Every year several celebrity couples get married. The amazing engagement rings from their weddings attracts attention of many people around the world. This adds a new jewelry inspiration for people especially for those who are about to marry.

If you too are searching for exquisite piece like moissanite rings, then you should check out the 7 dazzling engagement rings inspired by celebrities:

1. Demi Lovato’s Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

 Demi married her boyfriend, Max Enrich, in mid-2020. The engagement ring worth $1-5 million was a great source of attention during her wedding. Moreover, the ring was crafted by the famous jeweler Peter Marco. The ring weighs more than 10 carats and its base material is made of platinum as per the outlet. In addition to this, Enrich also shared a photograph of the ring on his Instagram after the wedding. The image clearly shows the emerald cut of the diamond with small diamonds at the end in the shape of a trapezoid.

2. Nikki Bella’s Harry Winston Styled Diamond Ring

Famous WWE-Superstar Nikki Bella engaged Artem Chigvinstev in late 2019. However, they kept their engagement as a secret for a long time. Finally, Nikki gave a closer look of her engagement ring in a YouTube video published on ‘The Bella Twins’. The ring features a rectangular cut diamond ring with a silver band. The ring is truly adorable and is highly praised by Bella’s fans.

3. Dakota Johnson’s Green Emerald Ring

Dakota Johnson has been in relationship with Chris Martin since 2017. Several rumors about their engagement was resolved when she was spotted wearing a new piece of jewelry, a green emerald ring on her wedding finger. As per photographs the ring has a rectangular-shaped emerald and fits her finger perfectly.

4. Jeannie Mai’s Giant Diamond Ring

Jezzy has spent a good amount on their engagement ring. According to experts, the ring costs more than $150,000. According to several photographs, the ring has about 5 marquise cut diamonds holding a small emerald at the center.

5. Hailey Baldwin’s Oval-Shaped Diamond Ring

Hailey Baldwin’s engagement ring is very special to her as it was designed by Justin Bieber himself. The beautiful oval-shaped diamond is set on an 18 carats gold base. You can also design this ring for you from your nearest jewelry store.

6. Heidi Klum’s Sapphire Ring

 Heidi received an amazing gift from her fiancé, Tom Kaulitz, on Christmas 2018. The gift was a three-stoned engagement ring. This ring features a teal sapphire at the center with two small diamond pieces on the both side. The ring looks adorable as its blue color gem sparkles beautifully.

7. Anushka Sharma’s Simple Round Diamond Ring

 ViratKohli spent a huge amount of time and money for the perfect engagement ring for Anushka Sharma. Moreover, this ring was designed by an Austrian Jeweler and it took about three months for ViratKohli to select this design. The ring costs more than $100,000 and features a large round diamond at the core.

Last Words

All these rings are amazing and a perfect buy. However, their price isn’t moderate and cannot be afforded easily. If you don’t have that much budget, then you can check out diamond wedding bands which are a beautiful jewelry piece at an affordable price.