6 Ways to Tie Your Look Together With a Kimono

Kimonos are an incredibly versatile form of statement outerwear that are a stylish addition to any ensemble. They’re light enough to throw on when hot summer days cool down at night, or to pair with a spring or fall outfit when it’s a little bit chilly. They come in a variety of styles that can suit anyone’s personal fashion sense. Move over casual cardigans and stuffy sweaters, kimonos are a fabulous, fashion forward outer layer to tie together any look.

A Brief History of the Kimono

The kimono originated as a formal garment worn in Japan as early as 794 A.D. Kimonos continued to evolve in Japan throughout history, becoming adopted by Western fashion culture in the late 19th century. Instead of being worn at formal events, Western kimonos were seen as more casual robe-like outerwear garments, and became the basis for the kimonos we see in fashion today. In the 20th century, kimonos became widely popularized in Western fashion thanks to musicians like Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, both of whom adopted kimonos as a part of their glamorous fashion styles. Kimonos continue to be a staple of fashion all around the world.

Types of Kimonos

Kimonos come in a variety of lengths that make them easy to pair with any look you choose. If you’re headed out on a hot day, a cropped kimono would be perfect to pair with a tank top and a set of summer shorts. Or, if you want to elevate your look, you could opt for a full-length kimono for a relaxed yet elegant style. There are also many mid-length kimono styles for coverage that goes down to just below the hips. Most kimonos come with a robe-like tie that allows you to close the kimono. However, there are also styles that come without a tie and are meant to be worn open and flowing. Whatever your style, you’re bound to find a kimono that’s right for you.

How to Style a Kimono

With so many different types of kimonos available to try, there are many ways to style kimonos to fit your personal fashion sense. Some of the chicest ways to wear a kimono include:

1. Paired with Your Favorite Boots

When the weather starts to cool down, it’s time to break out your favorite pair of boots to strut through the fall foliage. However, sometimes it’s not cold enough for a hefty sweater, making it the perfect time to wear a kimono! Choose a kimono that compliments the color of your boots. Jewel tones and richly colored prints are both perfect options for an autumn kimono look.

2. As a Layer for Your Next Music Festival Look

Kimonos are a staple of bohemian style, which makes them a wonderful option to wear to a summer music festival. Sway to the sounds of your favorite musicians in style in a flowy kimono paired with a cute crochet matching top and skirt. You could also opt for a cropped kimono with fringe appliques to wear as a layer on top of a western-inspired look.

3. For a Vacation Getaway

Vacation is a time to pull out all the fashion stops and try new trends you haven’t been able to. Kimonos are perfect for an easy, breezy vacation look. Pair a brightly patterned floral kimono with a solid color dress for a stylish outfit that’s ideal for a night out in the town you’re visiting.

4. The Most Lovely Loungewear

While kimonos are a great option for wearing out of the house, they’re also a perfect fashion companion for days when you’re lounging inside. Pair a soft, silky kimono with your go-to matching loungewear set for a day of chic self care. Lay back, put a face mask on, and relax in your kimono for maximum comfort: you’ll be feeling good and looking good too!

5. Elevate Your Favorite Crop Top

While a crop top and jeans on their own might seem like a casual outfit, you can elevate them by throwing on a kimono as a stylish outer layer. Choose a kimono with a bright print, or a delicate embroidered pattern to turn a simple look into one that stuns.

6. By the Beach

Kimonos can also function as a stylish beach cover up. Choose a kimono in a color or pattern that matches your one-piece or bikini for a seamless swimwear ensemble.

To Tie it All Up

Kimonos are an incredibly versatile form of outerwear that are perfect for all seasons. You can pair a kimono with shorts or swimsuits for a light summer look, wear one as a bohemian addition to your music festival get-up, use one to accentuate an outfit with boots, or throw one on for a stylish at-home self care day. With so many styles, fabrics, and colors to choose from, the kimono options you can enjoy are practically endless. What’s your favorite way to style a kimono?