4 Signs You May Need a Mental Health Evaluation

Mental health services serve a variety of functions that can transform your life. If you feel you have been suffering mentally for some time and that nothing you’ve tried has resolved your underlying issue, a mental health evaluation can shed light on your problem and help provide a clear path forward.

An evaluation does not necessarily equate to an official diagnosis of a mental health disorder, and many people without disorders need counseling from time to time to improve their mental health.

To receive an evaluation, look for clinics like Positive Reset Eatontown that can help.

Here are four reasons to consider an evaluation:

1. You’ve suffered trauma

Many people that have a one-time, horrific experience suffer trauma. Sometimes, trauma can happen over time, especially if your environment was unsafe for any reason or your closest relationships were abusive or neglectful.

Almost everyone has suffered trauma at some point in their lives. You might not recognize that trauma can encompass a wide variety of life experiences, and there is no judgment on which life events were traumatic for you.

If you believe you’ve suffered trauma, search for a “a mental health clinic near me” and look for a trauma-informed therapist to help you.

2. You haven’t been yourself lately

If you haven’t felt like yourself lately for any reason, and you’re increasingly concerned about your mood, behaviors, or negative self-talk, a licensed therapist can help you pick apart these confusing feelings and make a plan to help improve your mental health and functioning.

If you haven’t been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders in the past, it can be hard to know if you have clinical symptoms. Search for a “a mental health clinic near me” to guide you through an evaluation.

3. You’re using negative coping mechanisms to deal with your feelings

Negative emotions can be strong and bewildering, and you might not have been taught how to cope with those emotions. Some people turn to substances like alcohol to numb their feelings. Others find they have explosive rage that damages their closest relationships, or they start to feel that everything is going wrong at once. Check out https://www.womenio.com/38210/how-mental-health-affects-relationships to learn more about how mental health directly affects romantic relationships.

The good news is there are simple and powerful tools to help build positive coping mechanisms. Search for “a mental health clinic near me,” and you’ll find many resources to help build new coping skills.

4. You have mental health goals that you haven’t been able to achieve on your own

Lastly, a therapist may be able to help you with any mental health goals that you’ve set for yourself and seem unable to achieve on your own. These goals can include finding the self-confidence you’ve been lacking or leaving an abusive relationship.

Search for “A Mental Health Clinic Near Me” and Get Back to Being Yourself

Now that you better understand whether you could benefit from mental health services, search for “a mental health clinic near me” and be sure to evaluate the biographies, resumes, and therapy styles of individual therapists to find one that best matches your mental health goals. Keep in mind that there may be differences in therapy approaches between therapists in different countries or regions, such as those you might find with a therapist Dallas compared to one in another part of the world.