6 Tools That Will Benefit Your Small Business

You have spent years working in a typical 9-5 job. During that time, you have grown antsy, wishing that you could do something that you are a little more passionate about. Meanwhile, you have built up some decent savings so that you can afford some time off of work. An idea that you have been entertaining in your mind for a new business just won’t go away, and you decide to pull the trigger on becoming an entrepreneur.

Small businesses represent a huge percentage of the economy in the United States. Millions of new brands are created every year as people from all walks of life become their own bosses to pursue passion projects.

Succeeding as a new business is incredibly challenging and almost half of all new businesses fail within the first five years. Having the right tools that support your business goals could be the difference between long-term success and an early exit from the industry. Let’s discuss 6 tools that can benefit your startup.

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Shipping Apps for Commerce

Many new businesses are based on physical products. In 2023, e-commerce has become an extremely lucrative option for startups since the Internet makes running a company more accessible. While you handle the production of your products, your shipping needs will increase as you grow. Conveniently managing your shipping will make logistical operations much smoother. There are many shipping apps for small businesses that you can take advantage of, so consider using one of these tools to manage your shipping needs far more easily.

Social Media Platforms

In all likelihood, you already have multiple social media apps downloaded to your phone. Perhaps you open them up daily to connect with other professionals, friends, and family. Channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be incredibly effective for startups that are trying to build an audience. Choosing the right platforms to focus on will depend on your target audience’s characteristics.

Social media can be used in many ways, such as sharing informative blogs, connecting directly with customers, sharing promotional events, and purchasing social media ads. You could even post about a giveaway event of custom-printed umbrellas to increase brand awareness. Social media have many uses and will probably be some of your best resources as a startup.

Project Management Programs

The nature of many businesses includes the implementation of specific projects. Maybe it is a new product that is being developed, a specific research initiative, or a piece of marketing collateral for a client. Project management programs make it easier for teams to understand who is responsible for various stages of the project, the timeline, and the current status of the project. Rather than having to communicate constantly with each other about these aspects, people can simply plug into the project management tool to see where things stand and what is next.

Invoicing Apps

Making money is the whole point of starting a new business, though margins will certainly be slim in the early days. Invoicing is a logistical process that often gets overlooked by new business owners, and if you do not have a plan in place for this operational task, then you may end up scrambling or appearing unprofessional. There are plenty of great invoicing apps like Wave that make this process incredibly efficient, reducing the amount of time spent tracking down clients and asking for payments.

Internal Communication Tools

Communication is key to a successful marriage, and the same is true of businesses. Teams that are in constant communication are more likely to be on the same page, avoiding wasted time that can prevent a company from growing. The right communication tools can be implemented to foster better teamwork within your organization so that the entire company is more productive. One of the most popular internal communication tools is Slack, which allows businesses to create multiple channels for different discussions. It can also be integrated with project management programs to further optimize your workflow.

Accounting Software

Anything that cuts down on busy work for a new business owner is worth exploring. Keeping track of your finances can be challenging, especially if you hate working with numbers. But it is a necessary aspect of being an entrepreneur. Therefore, make your job easier by relying on accounting software to do the heavy lifting with tracking finances.

A Full Toolset Gives You the Best Chance of Success

Tools are meant to make life easier. That has been the case since the first stone was sharpened thousands of years ago. Investing in tools for your business can reduce the workload on your team while maximizing internal operations. It also increases the capabilities of your organization.

Consider using tools like shipping apps, social media platforms, project management programs, invoicing apps, internal communication technologies, and accounting software to optimize your business operations and help your team focus on more important tasks every day.