5 Unique Architecture Projects from Students at the Academy of Art University

Architecture is one of the most challenging courses to pursue as a professional career in college. As a student, you should sacrifice and have vital mental health because many assignments and projects await. On the other hand, you should have a high level of problem-solving skills and creativity to design physically appealing structures built to last longer.

The Academy of Art University’s architectural structures are on another level and are highly respected. This institution employs top-rated architects with good performance to help their students acquire the best architectural skills and acquire the most suitable required knowledge. Students get helpful lessons on technical comprehension, critical thinking, and how to create architectural concepts and visions. But no matter how good a student you are, there always comes a time when you need help with your assignment. In that case, everyone can take advantage of the best dissertation editing services, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

For this reason, learners from the School of Architecture invent the most creative and problem-solving projects every year that deserves to be seen. We have listed five of these projects for you. Meanwhile, check out here if you need help from educational building architecture experts.

1. Maisie Bishop

“In their final project, Bishop features the Fish Island in the eastern part of London. The ancient industries in East London are now being replaced by hi-tech corporations, which have gained popularity. Maisie’s proposal’s primary goal is to find out how 3D paintings and robotics are essential in day-to-day life since they promote more efficient and equal health and wellness in the town of Tower Hamlets.

“Looking at the five pillars of life: health, fuel, shelter, environment, and transport, their advanced institute is an exploration, education hub, and application center.

“The main focus of the design is to explore the 3D printed research spaces, a quick research on how the AI works, printing and robotics in the above mentioned fields, organised within a central atrium. This atrium is public and provides a chance to apply the technologies produced and for individuals visiting to get these advancements whenever they want.”

2. A Living Architecture

When it comes to healing, interior design and architecture are usually not considered as they should. These academic architectural projects prove how buildings can be made part of part of a serene-looking environment conducive for people to inhibit. Natural forms of the environment like plants and earth have been incorporated as part of the building to create a more natural space for humankind. This project is a perfect example to show how design ideas can be used in buildings and can also be used for healing people.

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3. Thomas White

“What White has done is a true manifestation for sonic town planning at Manston airport. The inaccessible zone of Manston airport has become a barrier to the surrounding communities and has prevented them from any interaction.

“For this project to be successful, six central pavilions create four visible territories within their surroundings. The pavilion conveys sound to attract people to the site who interact with surrounding communities.

“These acoustic gateways are designed to control sound when they re-link and neutralize the available acoustic arena, alerting people’s entry into urbanism as they are fuelled by sound. Moreover, the pavilion acts as a sound regulator when alerts are required. Therefore, it becomes a test for what is needed and what is not needed.

“This practice is passed from generation to another through multiple alerting sounds, future developments, and installations inside and out of the site.

4. Ting Leung Henry Chan

“The city of Hong Kong has been a trading center ever since the 19th century; however, it is now at a crisis point like never before. With all the variations in the political and legal status of Hong Kong in the previous years, the new reputation and identity of Hong Kong governed by the ‘one country, two systems’ structures introduced in the Sino-British Joint Declaration earlier in 1984 are now facing a risk of being violated.

“The Free Port developed by Chan is a complex that has both the congress building and the international embassy as part of the cargo port of Hong Kong. Being a legal and unique surrounding, this area qualifies to be transformed into an open trading ground.

“With its free port, Hong Kong could retain its position as the leading international city globally and maintain its duty as the window city of trade benefitting the Mainland of China.”

5. Hanna Makhoul

“Hanna’s project aimed to explore and develop a fiberglass industry in Beirut to solve the city’s environmental crisis, which emerged in 2020. Close to 7000 tonnes of glass were shattered due to the explosion, and approximately 300000 individuals were left homeless.

“This incident caused glass particles to be spread all around the city because of the blast’s shock waves. Hanna’s project’s goal was to make these glasses useful by making fiberglass. The fiberglass will reconstruct damaged parts by producing similar curved leaf-like modular components put together on the site to signify hope and unity among the locals.

“This creative element system, aesthetically developed by native Arabic architecture, was to be made up of elements such as vaults and arches to come up with the megastructure. After building the fiberglass factory and the workshop facility, other phases include a residential area and a market.


The Academy of Art University’s School of Architecture is one among many similar academic institutions in which famous alumni have generated the most outstanding architectural projects that have given the subject a different approach. Even though it is one of the most challenging school subjects to manage, it will remain the most innovative and rewarding subject. These five mentioned projects from campus students show the level of creativity they can do when they let their passion and creativity be taken to another level when their teachers support them.