5 Reasons Why You Need to Check the Engine Oil Regularly

Changing engine oil is one of the easiest maintenance tasks for every car owner. Your car engine is made up of many metal parts that constantly move when it’s running. Experts recommend checking the engine oil levels at every fuel fill. Fuel efficiency varies from one vehicle to another.

Car manufacturers have different estimates for normal oil consumption, which usually ranges from 1 litre per 1,000 to 2,500 kilometres. There are many risks if you fail to check the oil levels between the changes. You need to check the visual condition of the oil regularly. New engine oil has a brown colour.

If the engine is well maintained, the oil will retain the colour until near the change interval. For diesel engines, the oil may appear black almost immediately after changing it. This happens because of the increased content of the fuel as compared to petrol engines. For many car owners, determining the condition of the oil by looking at it is difficult.

Some of the common signs that your engine needs new oil are if it appears dilated or if it has an abrasive feel after rubbing it between the fingers. Why should you check the engine oil regularly? Here are five reasons:

Boosting the Engine Power

Irrespective of the car you drive, the fact is that the engine will lose its power over time. Fortunately, there are many cheap ways of increasing power. One of the most popular solutions is changing the engine oil.

The oil helps to lubricate the moving parts, ensuring easy movement. By checking the oil levels regularly, you maintain the engine in the long run. Inadequate oil will cause the grinding of various parts, creating tiny pieces of metal, which are contained in the oil. As a result, friction increases within the engine and causes a loss of power.

To Improve Fuel Consumption

Many people are aware that oil changes help to increase fuel efficiency. In your car engine, the lubricating properties of the oil have numerous benefits that not only ensure it keeps running but also affect how efficiently it does its work. Therefore, by checking the oil from time to time, you will know the best time for changing it and avoid situations that may lead to reduced efficiency.

When the oil ages, it breaks down, meaning reduced efficiency while doing its work. With time, heat damages the molecules found in engine oil that affects its properties, including viscosity. Lack of proper viscosity means the oil will not get where it needs to go. Therefore, the engine will become hotter and run less efficiently, resulting in reduced gas mileage.

To Get Rid of Sludge

The sludge refers to the thickening and breaking down of engine oil. When the oil breaks down, its ability to clean and lubricate the engine reduces significantly. Also, its additives tend to become less effective over time. As a result, partially combusted fuel escapes into the car’s crankcase.

The substances settle on engine parts and block the surrounding oil flow, resulting in increased engine wear. You can prevent the formation of the sludge through proper maintenance. Some of the common signs of the sludge include low oil pressure, the presence of greasy substances inside the filters, and clicking sounds.

To Ensure Better Lubrication

Lubrication begins in car engines begins in the sump. The oil is then pulled to remove large contaminants. After that, the oil passes through the filters. Note that all filters function the same way. Their ability to get rid of contaminants depends on things such as the pressure and flow rate.

The primary function of engine oil is lubrication and the cooling of moving parts. Between combustion and friction, a car engine generates a lot of heat. The oil prevents overheating. The right oil levels mean better lubrication and various components will move freely.

To Increase the Resale Value

Everyone would want to get increased resale value for their car. When you check and change the oil regularly, you will have official records, which you can present while selling your vehicle to get better resale value. This is because the records act as proof that you are a responsible and caring car owner.

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