Why people choose an SUV over a sedan

After you Google “car finance Brisbane” to find a reputable finance company for your new vehicle, you might be considering whether you should get a traditional sedan or whether you should upgrade to an SUV. If you have never owned a new or used SUV, you should consider a variety of factors that continue to make them a top choice for car buyers. From safety to room, you have a wide variety of reasons to make the move and purchase an SUV.

1. Safety

Obviously, because of its sheer size, an SUV is much safer in an accident than a sedan. However, most people are more concerned about never being in an accident. From this perspective, an SUV is still much safer as its higher point of view allows a driver to see better across parking lots, roads, and driveways. This visibility helps protect against accidents caused while backing up.

In addition to visibility, an SUV has more space in the back seat. This extra space protects small children from being slammed against the back of the front seat in a collision. This space also allows car seats to be latched in more securely, making your little one safe if the unthinkable occurs.

Finally, when you are driving across the country, you might find some areas are prone to high winds. Because of its mass, an SUV is not affected as much by such winds. Comparatively, a sedan can be buffeted from both sides. The stability an SUV provides can be comforting across mountain roads or bridges.

2. Made for families

An SUV is made for families. In addition to having more room for many people, SUVs often have a third row in the back for friends or visitors. This extra area can be used when you need to take the gang to school or to games during the weekend.

In addition to being able to haul the family around, an SUV allows you to haul all sorts of gear that is important to a family. For instance, the extra space allows you to shop for furniture then stop by the grocery store for a week’s worth of grub. With a sedan, you might have to borrow a friend’s SUV in order to get the furniture or other large items.

3. Recreation

An SUV offers you the ability to enjoy outdoor recreation at parks and camps. For instance, it allows you to pack up all your gear, such as tents, coolers, and grills. Once you are loaded, you can head out for the great outdoors and enjoy a weekend among the trees. Most SUVs come with a roof rack on which you can also store luggage. If you attach a bike rack to the back, you are set for the weekend for an active time outside with the family.

Because many tents hook over the back of an SUV, you can actually use your SUV for sleeping, which can be safer and warmer than sleeping on the ground in a tent. In addition to hauling all your camping gear, you can often tow a small travel trailer, allowing you to have fun vacations for a week or more at remote places throughout the country.  Did you know that  GLA 180 covers the century sprint in 8.7s, you can check more information online.

4. Tow package

Many SUVs can often tow a small cargo trailer for moving furniture to a new residence. Additional types of trailers that you can tow include flatbed trailers that allow you to haul landscaping material and tools. All things considered, an SUV is a go-to vehicle whenever you need to haul a lot of gear or tow something large. This cannot be done by any sedan.

5. Traction

Many SUVs come with four-wheel drive (4WD). With 4WD, you have much better control in snow or mud. This becomes important if you need to drive off-road for any reason, and it also helps on gravel roads if you are traveling in remote areas. Even better than 4WD is AWD, which stands for all-wheel drive. AWD is when your SUV can automatically engage all the wheels at once. With 4WD, you usually have to manually switch from two-wheel-drive (2WD) to 4WD by hitting a button. However, with AWD, a vehicle’s onboard computer makes this switch automatically whenever it detects a change in the road surface. Most sedans do not have either 4WD or AWD. Consequently, driving them can be more hazardous if you hit rough or slushy surfaces.


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