5 Academic options that offer lucrative career paths

In the academic field, some careers are more rewarding than others. Usually, students fail to understand their future worth, but it isn’t their fault either. The job market is changing continuously. Due to the current pandemic, the demand for some career paths has increased alarmingly. Hence, it is best to explore the recent academic options and go for the ones offering lucrative career paths.

If your primary goal is to attain high-quality education leading to job growth, do your research correctly. There is no need to rush this highly-essential process. Some students can turn a mediocre job into a high-paying one due to their educational background. Whereas, some students rely on choosing only those careers that will reap fruitful results.

The year 2021 will give you another chance to find yourself the ideal career path. For your understanding, here are five academic options that offer lucrative career paths. Let’s check out their details.

Market Research Analysts

The field of market research is expanding day by day. By researching the market patterns, you will be able to review and evaluate varying marketing results. You will provide essential feedback about customer buying habits and how to improve them. Nonetheless, this is only a single task out of many being performed by a Market Research Analyst.

Doing a bachelor’s degree in Marketing will help in securing an entry-level market analyst job. Your area of expertise will get more recognition over time, with an estimated growth rate of 23% in the next decade. Surprisingly, your average annual salary as a Market Research Analyst will be $63,230.

Master’s in Nursing Degree

Becoming a Nurse Practitioner can be equally rewarding, like any other healthcare field. By doing online msn, you will prepare for the healthcare-related responsibilities. Typically speaking, you will flourish more in your career because of completing your master’s. Through choosing this academic option, you can:

  • Prepare for necessary testing and evaluate their results
  • Assess and observe different patients
  • Directly diagnose patients and treat their issues
  • Oversee and create treatment options
  • Prescribe the effective medications

Generally, healthcare is a thriving career path, especially during COVID-19. This sector will witness a job growth rate of 15% by 2029, with employment growth of up to 45%.

Software Development

Another lucrative career goal is Software Development. Here, you have plenty of opportunities to explore at the same time. By investing in Software Development, you will increase the chances of getting hired by any reputable organization. Please know that Software developers are valued for their creative and technical efforts. They are multi-talented employees who can make or break an entire software project. Not only do they work on building new programs, but they keep upgrading the current ones as well. Therefore, this career entails promising growth and financial rewards.

A bachelor’s in Computer Science will be the right start to building a lucrative career for a beginner. Moreover, qualifying in this field with the expected growth rate of over 31% in upcoming years is proof to get started.

Medical Assistants

As mentioned above, the healthcare field will benefit you in numerous ways. For this reason, consider becoming a Medical Assistant. Candidates who possess the urge to help society can explore this career path. Healthcare professionals are busy dealing with never-ending patients and their health concerns. Being a Medical Assistant, you will assist them throughout the day and gain professional medical experience. Medical Assistants do it all, from handling records and booking appointments to generating lab reports and filing medical insurance forms. To qualify for this job, you will need to finish an online degree in the field of Medical Assistance.

By becoming a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), you will get professional training to deal with sensitive healthcare issues. Your job is crucial for multiple reasons, with the prospect of becoming a nurse in the future as well. Here, your average salary per year will be $32,480, a good start in the healthcare sector. Moreover, the expected growth rate for Medical Assistants is nearly 29%.

Physical Therapists

Another lucrative career path in the field is Physical Therapy. Most healthcare professionals refer their patients to professional Physical Therapists. They help in improving physical issues, which are usually caused by an injury or trauma. Transitional programs in this field are available globally. You can efficiently complete a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy and earn a doctorate onwards. Remember, this field is gratifying, especially in monetary terms. The average salaries given to Physical Therapists annually are $86,850, with a growth rate of about 28%.

The Bottom Line

The reason for mentioning these academic options is to enlighten you about the varying career paths you can choose. Rather than staying adamant on a particular field, explore the options you currently have. Think wisely and look into these lucrative career paths right away.