4 Must-Haves for Aspiring Pro Gaming Teams Out There

Going professional in gaming seemed like an awful impossibility in the past, but it has now become a viable career path for the best of the best. The rise of playing video games gave way to things such as esports, streamers, and of course, pro gamers. It’s such a dream come true for those who are good at playing a particular video game that they can compete at a scale where they play with gamers from different countries with such huge prize money and glory at stake.

It’s not that hard nowadays to become a pro gamer as you only need to continue playing the game you love at the highest level you are capable of. You’ll need a bit of social media to map your presence in the scene among pros and especially teams. It’s easier to catch the eyes of pro gaming teams and future teammates as well.

Esports is relatively new, and rules are changing and improving bit by bit. There are pro gaming teams that are backed by corporations, and there are fledgling ones that are independently operated as well. Whichever team you have, it is important to be geared for success whether you’re boot-camping, scrimming, or doing other things leading up to playing tournaments. Here are some must-haves pro gaming teams must have.

Gaming PC

You don’t necessarily have to have the latest components out in the market, but ideally, it is essential to have a computer that can handle hours and hours of playing. A  powerful gaming rig is considered a pro gamer’s bread and butter nowadays.  Becoming an esports player also needs a monitor that they need, check it out on wepc.com.

How else are you going to play or practice strategies for the game if you don’t have that? Most pro teams have an affiliated provider where they get the machines sponsored or bought at a low price in an ex deal of some sort.

A gaming computer is a must-have and investment because it doesn’t come cheap, but the performance will be higher than a normal desktop machine. It is necessary for pro teams to provide their members with gaming PCs if they don’t have their own or to upgrade an old one. They should also have something for their players to use when they gather together to boot camp and prepare for a game.

Online and Social Media Manager

In the age of social media, it is important to have an online presence to amass fans from all over the world. It is not ideal for the players themselves or their manager to take care of the social media aspect because playing high-stake games is enough pressure as it is. Therefore, an online manager is essential for things such as the team’s online fan pages, creative videos, behind the scenes, and write-ups regarding the team.

While English is the primary language spoken by most people, the pro scene is diverse, so it is ideal to get a manager who can speak, write, and translate in at least two languages. A single manager is considered a bare minimum to manage online activities. Nowadays, pro teams hire bilingual managers from across the globe for the different fan base of their team.


It is always ideal to have sponsors backing up the pro teams. It can be pretty expensive to have an organization and to keep many people on the payroll especially if the team is still starting out. Sponsors can help lighten the load when it comes to expenses or give things for free in exchange for an appearance or having their brand associated with the team.

The great thing about these times is that a lot of companies are seeking to sponsor the right teams. It can be intimidating to approach brands, but being direct and polite can go a long way. Rejection is part of life, and while you may experience it from other companies, don’t be discouraged. Continue to be grateful, and try again with others.

Team Headquarters

Video games are fun, and everybody knows that, and being a fan of them continues to connect people regardless of age, race, or background. Pro teams are usually made of players from different walks of life and may use a universal language or some other to communicate. They may also hail from different countries, which can be a challenge in logistics if you want to gather all of them.

That is why it is essential to have a team headquarters where players can all congregate. If not, there are other ways, such as an online meeting or phone conferencing in order to do team meetings and have everyone on the same page. However, a proper HQ should be in order if you want players to boot camp or scrim together so they have a chance to bond with one another. You can only do so much with long-distance communication.

Adjust When Needed

The world of esports encourages diversity because champions know no race or country. It depends on the right luck, skill, and circumstance. With that said, not everyone can sustain the busy life of a pro gamer. While the easiest part is playing the game, pro players often travel extensively to different parts of the world for tournaments, so understandably, not everyone finds this part thrilling, and it can get taxing on the body.

Which is why some players leave or retire. Understand that pros are just people also. They have limits and boundaries, and self-care should matter the most.

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