21 a movie that narrates the art of counting cards in Blackjack

The casino industry has long survived because it offers the desired kicks to the casino lovers. It is not the excitement to win but the rush of the game that makes more and more gamblers join the industry and enjoy. It is a well-known truth that gambling is not always about winning. Winning in a casino game is a combination of sheer luck and chance. But, still, gamblers love to try their chances by participating in more and more games every day, every year. In such a time when gambling craze is at its highest, a movie that narrates the story of winning the game of Blackjack every time was due to receive a great response.

A true story of victor gambler:

The movie ‘21’ narrates the story of the M.I.T. students who took Las Vegas casinos for millions. The movie was made in a simple and straightway to offer the gamblers of today a clear view of the gambling scenario. The movie is directed by Robert Luketic and shows that gambling is the worst thing that one can invest themselves in. In the movie, an MIT Professor Micky Rosa is spotted saying that one should never give up on their emotions and instead play with the system. It might be very good advice when you are actually counting the cards at a casino while playing a game of Blackjack. However, when it came to showing it in the movie, it does not come out as great as it should be.

The movie tells how some students of MIT learned the art of counting cards in Blackjack and won millions in the game. It took the gambling industry by surprise as to how someone can be so accurate and overcome the power of the dealer in the game.


The movie is indeed a great display of screenplay and writing but it fails to entertain the audience in certain instances. People found it hard to believe that winning Blackjack so mercilessly can be true. Although the movie was based on true events, with a little tweak, it was considered as fiction by many. However, in the end, the main hero of the movie loses all his aids including money, friend, girlfriend, Professor and others and this is when the audience starts believing that this is a true narration of some jackass gambler’s life and Blackjack winning history.