Waterless Urinals: A Closer Look at Going Waterless

Almost all of us have peed in a waterless urinal even if you didn’t know about it. Waterless urinals are not a fad anymore; it’s a necessity. It’s not just about saving on your utility bills. It’s also about conserving water and saving the planet.

Here is our take on waterless urinals and what they bring to the table. Also, you can opt for changing places in Victoria if you have loved ones suffering from a severe disability or core limitation. Do you want to know what Dan’s Plumbing services are like? Please check our site.

History of Waterless Urinals

The first waterless urinal was made by German-Austrian Wilhelm Beetz in the 19th century! The system used an oil-based siphon with a proprietary liquid. Soon after, other companies started experimenting with the idea of urinals that don’t need flushing.

The Waterless Company released the first waterless urinal in the market in 1991. The toilet used a cartridge-based system known as EcoTrap.

When did Waterless Urinals become Popular?

Waterless urinals started becoming popular from the mid-90s. People began to realize the importance of saving water and money. A large number of businesses also opted for waterless urinals and saved thousands in water and maintenance bills. Dan’s Plumbing provide best plumbing services, please click here to know.

By 2000, waterless urinals became quite common in public and commercial buildings. Now, many families have also installed waterless urinals at their homes.

Who are the Largest Manufacturers of Waterless Urinals?

The Waterless Company is the pioneer in the waterless technology. They are one of the largest manufacturers of waterless urinals in the world and located in California, United States. They introduced the first waterless urinal around 1991.

Some biggest producers of waterless urinals include Duravit from Germany, Falcon Waterfree Technologies from Los Angeles USA, and Kohler from Wisconsin, United States.

Who Makes the Best Waterless Urinals?

The Waterless Company developed the technology of waterless urinals. They have been producing different urinals based on waterless technology for over 25 years. The Waterless Company is considered by some to be one of the best when it comes to these unique urinals. You can buy more than 9 models of waterless urinals from Waterless Company that include the Baja #2104, Kalahari #2003B, Sonora #2004B, and Del Casa #2902.

Kohler, another global company, is known for its quality fittings and plumbing equipment. They also sell high-quality waterless urinals for homes and businesses. The company started selling waterless urinals from around 2002. They now sell 3 models of waterless urinals, including the K-4918, K-4917, and K-4919.

You can also consider the products of Falcon Water Technologies. It began manufacturing the waterless urinal U1P in 2001. They now sell two systems of waterless urinals– the Hybrid urinal, and the Sphero urinal.

Many small startups have also emerged inspired by the need to save water. You will find many local startups that sell waterless urinals for residential and commercial use.

How do You Prevent Waterless Urinals for Smelling?

Waterless urinals are designed to prevent smells. They have a liquid or trap that seals the urine along with the odor and sewage gases, so you don’t have to fear about a stinking restroom.

Obviously, there are a few factors you need to consider. A waterless urinal should be installed and maintained properly as per manufacturer instructions. You need to replace the liquid or sealant from time to time as required. Some waterless toilets also need cleaning every few weeks to keep them clean and free of germs.

Also, you should maintain normal hygiene in the restroom. Many urinals that use water also stink. A stinking waterless urinal may not always be the fault of the technology. Most of the time, the surrounding areas of the urinal are not cleaned, which leads to smelly bathrooms.

If you maintain a waterless urinal the way it’s supposed to, going to the bathroom will not be so unpleasant!

When Is It a Bad Idea to Replace Water Urinals with Waterless Urinals?

A waterless urinal is meant to save water. A business that has high restroom traffic will save 15,000 and 45,000 gallons of water per urinal every year by going waterless. The savings are calculated on the basis that the urinal would be used 40 to 120 times a day.

Now, if your urinal use is really limited, waterless toilets may take a long time to provide the return on investment. You will obviously save water, but that would take many years to translate to considerable savings- both in terms of money and water usage.

multiple urinals

Some waterless urinals may need winterization. If you live in extremely cold climates, you may want to get a waterless urinal that eliminates winterization needs. Many sealant liquids are made to have high freezing points so that they don’t solidify in cold temperatures.

You should assess your needs and then choose a waterless urinal that meets your requirements.

Final Thoughts

Waterless urinals are a great way to save water and money. Going waterless will help you save the environment and lower your bills. We have discussed the best companies that sell a range of waterless urinals, so picking the right one is not difficult. We suggest you go ahead and start saving the planet today!

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